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It’s been in the news a lot lately – the blatant corruption of certain justices on the Supreme Court and the obvious fact that no one seems to have the power to force them to comply with the rules of ethics. So why not sing about it instead? Lyrics and Music by Don Caron

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by Don Caron

We always knew that congressmen
were available for sale
And you could purchase them from anywhere
even if you were in jail
And now there’s even better news
to get your private interests to advance.
I mean financed
‘cause the Supreme Court’s up for sale
and it don’t involve blackmail.
It’s a song and dance, benefits enhanced

It seems Supreme Court justices
have at least one billionaire
that they ride around on jets with
and never pay a fare
Then make decisions favoring
the guy who paid the bill
They don’t have to follow rules
and they prob’ly never will

Judge Alito got himself
a 100,000 dollar ride
to a luxury vacation
no quid pro quo was implied
Of course that didn’t have an impact
when it finally was the time to decide,
took that in stride
On a case involving all those folks
that gave him those lavish strokes
No ethics were ever applied.

For the last two decades Court Supreme
has gutted all the laws
that kept the powerful from buying
public servants for their cause
Their cause was nothing more than self interest to the greatest of degrees
So now the wealthiest can buy
all the access that they please

That’s why Clarence Thomas thinks his actions are of no import
Although he’s taken millions from claimants
who come before the court
Luxury vacations, private schools,
trips on jets and trips on yachts:
the things he plots
Undisclosed despite the rules
the public that he thinks he fools
As a judge he is ersatz

The Supreme court turns a blind eye
to its self-corrupting course
Any rules that apply
they’re designated to enforce
Self-regulation not a strong point
with the human race
they can’t be fired from their job
so they don’t need to save face

It seems Supreme Court justices
have at least one billionaire
that they ride around on jets with
and never pay a fare
They always sing the same old song
innocent as a dove
They say that they’ve done nothing wrong
Who does that remind you of?

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3 Responses

  1. Katherine Lake

    This is vintage Don Caron. Clever, convoluted lyrics presented with panache.

  2. epony

    Let’s not forget about the Shadow Court.

    “How much is that JUUSS-tice in the SHA-dow?”
    [apologies to Patti Page…supplyyour own lyrics to finish]