SAVE THE RICH by Garfunkel and Oates covered by Parody Project

This is one of Garfunkel and Oates’ earlier songs but it continues to be relevant and probably will be for the rest of our lives. Sometimes you hear a song and you think to yourself, “I want to sing that one!” This was one of those. Music and Lyrics written by Garfunkel & Oates (Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome). Check them out here: – Arranged and Performed by Parody Project


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Lyrics to Save the Rich

Repeal what's amiss parody project


Everyone knows these times are really tough
And we need to band together say we’ve had enough
All the jobless people need to learn to be content
Cause what we need to do is protect our one percent

Save the rich
Let them know you care
Don’t leave to languish
In their penthouse of despair
Save the rich
Let their bonuses be swollen
And let them keep it all tax free
Even if it’s stolen
Save the rich

Let’s give our job creators
More than their fare share
So they can go to Asia
And create jobs over there

There’s loopholes and exemptions
And children to exploit
So give them special tax breaks
Go fuck yourself Detroit

And those who don’t create jobs
Really need help too
Cause without their 7th home
How will they make it through

It’s not time for complaining
Not the time for class war
It’s time sacrifice yourself
To give them more and more and more
And more and more and more

Save the rich
America’s built on corporate greed
It’s not Wall Street’s fault
If you can’t get what you need

Save the rich
Don’t go crying to mommy
Cause if you don’t agree
Than you’re socialist commie

Save the rich
Blame yourself for your problems
Not the bad economy
So what if those who have the most
Are the ones who put it in jeopardy

Fuck your student loans
Fuck your kids and their health care
It’ll only take 10,000 of your jobs
To put another private jet in the air

Save the rich
It’s so easy to do
Just let yourself be ignorant
To what’s been done to you

Save the rich
By doing nothing at all
Deny all sense and logic
And just think really small
You should think really small
Or just don’t think at all
And save the rich



“Save the Rich” was written by Garfunkel and Oates, an American comedy–folk duo operating out of Los Angeles, California, consisting of actresses and songwriters Riki Lindhome (Garfunkel) and Kate Micucci (Oates). The band name is derived from “two famous rock-and-roll second bananas”, Art Garfunkel and John Oates.

The two met at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, where they were introduced to each other by comic Doug Benson. The duo was formed when they started working together to adapt Imaginary Larry, a short film made by Lindhome, into a musical. Although the duo started in California, both of its members are originally Pennsylvanians: Lindhome from Coudersport and Micucci from Nazareth.

In February 2009, the Garfunkel and Oates song “Fuck You” (reworked as “Screw You”) was featured in the Scrubs episode “My Lawyer’s in Love”, which featured Micucci in a supporting role.

On December 14, 2009, Garfunkel and Oates appeared on The Jay Leno Show to perform their song “Year End Letter”. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, they performed “Pregnant Women Are Smug” on March 12, 2010, and “Self-Esteem” on May 18, 2010. In late October 2010, they performed “Weed Card” on The Tonight Show.

In 2011, Garfunkel and Oates signed a deal with HBO for a pilot of their own show. Lindhome has described it as “Glee with dick jokes”. HBO later decided not to go forward with the show, but in August 2012, HBO released the pilot as five webisodes through its online service.

You can read more about their accomplishments here:

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7 Responses

  1. Barbara

    You should be a song writer…this is excellent………..get a few more stanzas and try to get a singer,
    or whatever it takes to get it out there.

  2. Wendy Cooper

    Thank you so much for thinking about the rich people Parody Project.
    You know it is a tough life at the top.
    Always trying to keep up with the other rich people.
    And who has the largest headcount of people that have suffered on the account of the top 1%.
    Need lots of hand cream for rubbing hands together at the collateral damage suffered due to increased income derived from the middle class and others in fact virtually all the others.
    Can’t afford to screw over the other few rich don’t know what the consequences would be.
    Dont have to think about God much as no room in brains working out the next advantages moves monetarily to keep up the momentum of wealth for the few😹😂😥😹😭

  3. Doreen Khan

    Love this…Sadly it is so true for so many people. They don’t think at all. You continue to do great work.

  4. KMToledo

    Another good one. Your parodies are consistently excellent. Can’t wait ’til the next one!


    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time passing
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time ago
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    JOBS are export number one
    WHEN will they ever learn?
    WHEN will we ever learn?

    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time passing.
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time ago.
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    CORPORATIONS ship them every one
    WHEN will they ever learn?
    WHEN will we ever learn?

  6. kathleen

    I love, love this they are not only wonderful but they help, I hope from the normalizing the hate and insane government we now are