GOD MADE SOME SCARY GENTLEMEN (Parody of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

A self explanatory parody that addresses the reality of our current political landscape: dinosaurs in office that have completely lost touch with anything except their own political ambitions and the access to power and wealth. Never has it been clearer that the current ruling party has no empathy, compassion, or perceptive balance. They are truly scary gentlemen, to use the term loosely.


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God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen is an English traditional Christmas carol which is also known by several other names including Tidings of Comfort and Joy, Come All You Worthy Gentlemen, God Rest Ye, Merry Christians, and God Rest You Merry People All.

It is one of the oldest extant carols, dated to the 16th century or earlier. The earliest known printed edition of the carol is from around.1760.

The traditional English melody is in the minor mode; the earliest printed edition of the melody appears to be in a parody, in the 1829 Facetiae of William Hone. It had been traditional and associated with the carol since at least the mid-18th century, when it was recorded by James Nares under the title “The old Christmas Carol.”

The carol is referred to in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, 1843: “… at the first sound of ‘God bless you, merry gentlemen! May nothing you dismay!’, Scrooge seized the ruler with such energy of action that the singer fled in terror, leaving the keyhole to the fog and even more congenial frost.”

Lyrics to God Made Some Scary Gentlemen

God made some scary gentlemen
that cause us to dismay
they want to rob the country blind
expecting you to pay
They label their scheme “tax relief”
the voters for to sway
These are tidings of discomfort they deploy to destroy
any chance to have a life you can enjoy.

They worked out for the health care plan
a way to undermine
and make it look it it went down
because of poor design
They claim an individual mandate
is a serious crime
but to pay for wars and corporate tax relief ,that’s all fine
and the impact will get to you in good time

Two to one said they don’t want
those tax cuts for the rich
And in our system people rule
but then there comes a glitch
In spite of that they gave our money to the one percent
And it happened even with widespread dissent, no consent
adding debt a hundred fifty trillion cents.

The middle class will pay for that
as interest doth accrue
it will exceed the hundred bucks
the tax break gave to you.
You’re buying yachts for wealthy twats
and paying for their crew
If that sounds okay then when it impacts you just make do
when the bottom falls out and you fall right through.

God made some scary gentlemen
that cause us to dismay
they tried to rob the country blind
expecting you to pay
November six two thousand eighteen
ain’t so far away
That is tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy
You will vote them out and that you will enjoy.

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