ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY? – Parody of Have You Ever Seen the Rain

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The GOP has a newly remodeled webpage with the catchy slogan “Better Off Now.” I thought it was worth addressing in a parody. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and share if you feel so inclined.



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Are You Better Off Today Parody ProjectLYRICS for ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY?

Gave themselves a big tax break
Of that there is no mistake
I know they did it in their last session.
Then a worldwide tariff war
There’s incompetence galore
They’ll go recall the Great Depression

I want to know
Have you seen their new catch-phrase
I want to know
Since they gave themselves a raise
Better off now they say

Exactly who is better off
They say it’s us I have to scoff
I know they added trillions to our debt
New yachts for the one percent
Bought some wars without consent
I know it all comes from your blood and sweat

I want to know
Have you seen their new catch-phrase?
I want to know,
As they shower themselves with praise
Better off now they say

Taking children from their folks
The border wall’s a boarder hoax
I know no good comes from an evil deed
Genocide in Yemen now
Since to Saudi we still bow
I know we’ll watch another country bleed

I want to know
Are you better off today
I want to know,
Who is better off this way
Yet better off now is what they say


Creedence-Clearwater-RevivalSOURCE MATERIAL
Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
Songwriter(s) John Fogerty
Producer(s) John Fogerty
B-side “Hey Tonight”
Released January 1971

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” is a song written by John Fogerty and released as a single in 1971 from the album Pendulum (1970) by roots rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Some have speculated that the song’s lyrics are referencing the Vietnam War, with the “rain” being a metaphor for bombs falling from the sky However, Fogerty himself has said in interviews and prior to playing the song in concert that the song is about rising tension within CCR and the imminent departure of his brother Tom from the band.

In an interview, Fogerty stated that the song was written about the fact that they were on the top of the charts, and had surpassed all of their wildest expectations of fame and fortune. They were rich and famous, but somehow all of the members of the band at the time were depressed and unhappy. Thus the line “Have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day.” The band split in October the following year after the release of the album Mardi Gras.

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10 Responses

  1. John

    It’s that “purist” point of view, attitude that helped the EOT* into the WH.


  2. Jen

    Funny and sad at the same time. I love your parodies. [It does help you’re picking mostly originals that I liked first time around.] The rise of Trump is terrifying – and I don’t live in the US.

  3. Doreen P Khan

    Another great one and I couldn’t believe their slogan either…the answer for most is no. Yet when you read posts from his cult supporters they won’t talk about that at all anymore. They would say his tax break was helping everyone now they are mostly quiet on the subject, but still support him no matter what. Thank you for your work and I look forward to a new song… I was working and didn’t read my emails until now…

  4. Susan Mercurio

    They are addicted to money and power. That’s what they’re ingesting. It’s their drug of choice.

  5. Susan Mercurio


    You’ve got to be kidding me!!! They’re just the other wing of the Oligarchy’s Party.

  6. KMToledo

    Please, folks, please, please, PRETTY PLEASE, remember to vote in November, preferably for Democrats.

  7. Michael

    Just when it cannot possibly be any weirder, sure enough, it becomes weirder. If that’s the new Republican party slogan, you have to wonder what alternate universe they are living in … or maybe what they are ingesting.

    ‘Better’? Hardly, I’m scared silly by all the actions taken, what the their outcomes will be for us in the trenches, by the increasing divisions created among Americans, and how this all will play out. (Read about the two Gracchi brothers in late Republican Rome for a scenario of what social discord is like.)

  8. Susan Mercurio

    1) Yes, you are preaching to the choir, but you’re the only ones keeping the choir singing along.

    2) I disagree with “the debt”. There’s a difference between the debt and the deficit. And since we have a fiat currency, the debt (or deficit) isn’t as bad as we’ve been taught.

    3) Yes, things certainly are better now – for them!!

    Thank you!