WONDERFUL WORLD – Parody of What a Wonderful World – Sam Cooke

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What if we stopped undermining other countrys’ democratically elected governments because we think we know how everyone in the world should rule themselves – When we pretty well suck at doing that for ourselves. I mean really, look at our government right now. And we have the audacity to overthrow other governments around the world?


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What a wonderful, wonderful world this could be.
What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world.

Americans suck at arithmetic,
otherwise they would have spied the trick
when Republicans ballooned their tax
and lowered their withholding to the max:
the fake ‘tax relief” they’d always planned.
If some truth came from those in command
what a wonderful, wonderful world this could be.

Americans suck with deduction,
or they’d understand the misconstruction.
We place sanctions to bring nations down,
then pretend our aid is genuine.
We should fix the problems that we own,
not turn others into US clones.
What a wonderful, wonderful world this could be.
Or at least it could be more okay, maybe.

Now, it’s not that it’s bad to help those other nations
but we don’t do that very well,
‘cause when we pretend we are gonna help those other nations
we just blow them all to hell.

Americans suck at geography,
or they’d know a US territory.
Puerto Rico is in the US,
deep in poverty but who would guess?
If we cared for our own citizens,
those who don’t make multi-millions
what a wonderful, wonderful world this could be.
Americans suck at Democracy,
forcing other countries to be “free.”
Yet our own elections are the worst
among Western democracies, we’re not first.
If we fixed all of our own BS
instead of making yet another mess
what a wonderful, wonderful world this could be.

Or at least it could be a bit better maybe
A bit better would be an improvement that I’d like to see.
An improvement could grow and expand to a greater degree.
then we could get inspired and go on an improvement spree.
Maybe then we’d stop bullying all of those other countries.
What a wonderful, wonderful wonderful world that could be.


“Wonderful World” (occasionally referred to as “(What A) Wonderful World”) is a song by American singer-songwriter Sam Cooke. Released on April 14, 1960, by Keen Records, it had been recorded during an impromptu session the previous year, Cooke’s last recording session at Keen. He signed with RCA Victor in 1960 and “Wonderful World,” then unreleased, was issued as a single in competition. The song was mainly composed by songwriting team Lou Adler and Herb Alpert, but Cooke revised the lyrics to mention the subject of education more.

Cooke had already left Keen for RCA when the song was ‘discovered’. John Siamas of Keen had engineer Deano Lappas look through the Keen vaults for a good song, exactly as Art Rupe of Specialty had looked through the vaults and come up with ‘I’ll Come Running Back To You’.

Bumps Blackwell and the regular session drummer were not present at the session. The drummer on this track, whose name is unknown, was likely around 15 or 16 years old and, as legend has it, recruited off of the street. Lou Rawls stood about a meter and a half away from Sam singing in the same microphone.

Herman’s Hermits had a major hit with an uptempo version of the song (omitting one verse) in the mid-1960s, which reached #4 in the U.S. and #7 in the UK. The Hermits’ version was, according to singer Peter Noone and guitarist Keith Hopwood, done as a tribute to Cooke upon his death.

Otis Redding recorded a version of the song on his 1965 album Otis Blue.

In 1978, Art Garfunkel recorded the song as a ballad, with Paul Simon and James Taylor as backing vocalists.

In 2004, the song was placed 373rd in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Listen to it here:

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6 Responses

  1. Kelly

    I love all of your Simon and Garfunkel parodies. You have Garfunkel’s mannerisms down: the way he grabs the mic and sings into it when he hits the high notes (which you actually hit), the way he puts his thumbs in his jeans pockets, the way he tugs at his shirt sleeves, etc. I’m a huge Art Garfunkel fan so I know these things.

  2. Margaret Dunn

    Ah, but the brain went off on a tangent – Harrison Ford dancing with that Amish woman in the barn (Witness). Had to restart the Parody. Insightful as usual. Thank you.

  3. Harry Mayor

    I have said it before..Canadian content would improve your reach.Canadians need songs that aim at Trudeau and others.
    don’t be put off by the email address. I am a senior [retired] citizen = an endangered species.