MCENANY – Parody of Macarena

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A Parody about Kayleigh McEnany. Long overdue, don’t you think? The once famous Latin Dance Tune, Macarena, seemed like a perfect match, but you can be the judge of that. Maybe we’ll see a resurgence of the Macarena dance craze with a new dance called the McEnany.


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Parody of Macarena by Los del Rio

Lyrics to McEnany

A promise not to lie came from the mouth of McEnany,
She broke it when she made it though she stated it so plainly.
It accumulated to a pile of miscellane-ous
lies from McEnany.

A promise not to lie came from the mouth of McEnany,
She broke it when she made it and she stated it so plainly.
It accumulated to a pile of miscellane-ous
lies from McEnany.

Some might remember how Obama
was accused of being stingy with minutiae
but now it seems so civilized and cordial
in contrast to the Trump excrucia.

Kayleigh McEnany MAcarena Parody ProjectKayleigh says Trump should get acclamation
because the death toll’s well below two million,
even though he once predicted it to zero.
She is such a loyal minion.

She doesn’t just deny he said the things he said in person
when the president falls short and traps himself in his own diction,
She’ll say he said things that he isn’t even versed in
and praise a man of fiction.

But she was not the person who destroyed the white house briefings.
Remember back to Day-One and the Spicer castigation
of those observing just how many people had attended
the inauguration.

MacEnany. MacEnany, MacEnany
Do you like it that you’re lying for your pay day?
MacEnany. MacEnany, MacEnany
Uh, were you never taught the social mores?

A promise not to lie came from the mouth of McEnany,
but she broke it when she made it and she stated it so plainly.
It accumulated to a pile of miscellane-ous
lies from McEnany.

Trump’s way to stall and buy some time afflicted McEnany.
Health Care Plan’s been coming in two weeks for three years, maybe.
She hands out a masterclass of spun deception, daily.
Kayleigh McEnany

McEnany had a say about Pelosi
that she was trying to use impeachment to unravel
use it to undo the US constitution
What a crazy convolution.

McEnany really ought to have known better.
Harvard law was where she got a law degree.
But spreading stupid nonsense won’t upset her.
When she got the job she gave her guarantee.

What kind of person would run defense for a liar?
And run around putting out fire after fire
started by the incompetent White House occupier?
Kayleigh McEnany


About the Original Song – Macarena

Kayleigh McEnany Macarena ParodyLos Del Rio Macarena Los Del Rio“Macarena” is a Spanish dance song by Los del Río about a woman of the same name. Appearing on the 1993 album A Mí Me Gusta, it was an international hit and dance craze throughout the second half of the 1990s. The song got the group ranked the “#1 Greatest One-Hit Wonder of All Time” by VH1 in 2002. The song uses a type of clave rhythm. In 2012, it was ranked No. 7 on Billboard’s All Time Top 100. It also ranked at No. 1 on Billboard’s All Time Latin Songs.

The “Bayside Boys Mix” version’s meaning is later revealed to be about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend while he is being drafted into the army.

As a result of their lounge act, Los del Río were invited to tour South America in 1992 and, while visiting Venezuela, they were invited to a private party held by the Venezuelan empresario Gustavo Cisneros. During the celebration, a local flamenco teacher, Diana Patricia Cubillán Herrera, performed a dance for the guests, and Los del Río were pleasantly surprised by Cubillán’s dance skills. Spontaneously, Antonio Romero Monge, one half of the Los del Río duo, recited the song’s chorus-to-be on the spot, as an accolade to Cubillán: “¡Diana, dale a tu cuerpo alegría y cosas buenas!'” (“Give your body some joy, Diana”). When the authors wrote the song, they changed the name to Macarena, in honor of Antonio’s daughter Esperanza Macarena.
Here’s the official original version of The End of the World (As We Know It) by REM. 

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7 Responses

  1. Ron Weibe

    No need for moderationp….oh i forgot google is biased as well!

  2. Ron Weibe

    She is fantastic! Especially the way she handles the pathetic bias media! Of course she is being bashed because she’s not weak and easily controlled like the main stream media or like Biden the puppet!

  3. Gregory

    Just another spoiled brat from Wealthy family who will do anything to advance her career even if it means LIEING every day for the GENIUS in the White House (No Covid 19 will show up here ) PATHETIC 😷👎

  4. Wayne

    There is only 2 ways she (McEnany) could get an hold a job with Trump.
    1. Lie, Lie, Lie
    2. ??? Think about it, folks.

  5. Katherine Lake

    My comment needs no moderation! It’s neither spam nor untrue. Stop doing this every time I comment. I am not a robot.

  6. Katherine Lake

    An even cleverer lyric than usual, Don. And about time someone held her lies to account. Thanks.