FUN, FUN, FUN – A Parody of the Beach Boys – The Freedom Toast and Parody Project

Thanks to The Freedom Toast for their contribution of the lyrics and audio master for this video. Video editing by Parody Project.


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Lyrics by The Freedom Toast

Donald got the Oval Office and he acted like a china shop bull, now;
Picking weirdos for his cabinet until the roster got to be full, now.
And so only Giuliani and Sean Hannity have got any pull, now.
And he’ll have fun, fun, fun til the voters take the White House away.

The Defense Department says that his next project is a new force in Space, now.
He hasn’t got a notion how to pay for it or put it in place now.
But he’ll do a deal with China, sell them Kansas, and we all can save face, now.
And he’ll have fun, fun, fun til the voters take the White House away.

Well, he got himself a Sharpie and he altered the whole course of a storm, now.
And so changing massive hurricanes has turned into the national norm, now.
He sent Dorian away and he’s waiting for the next one to form, now.
And he’ll have fun, fun, fun ’til Melania takes the Sharpie away.

Now, you knew all along that Pelosi’s gettin’ wise to you, now.
And the House went Democratic, so you’re thinking that your fun is all through, now.
But Vladimir has a dacha with some pretty girls down in Baku, now.
And you’ll have fun, fun, fun, now that Washington is so far away.
Yes, you’ll have fun, fun, fun now a America is so far away.


“Fun, Fun, Fun” is a song written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for American rock band the Beach Boys. It was released in 1964 as a single backed with “Why Do Fools Fall in Love,” both later appearing on the band’s album “Shut Down Volume 2.”

“Fun, Fun, Fun” is one of the Beach Boys’ many songs that defined the California myth. Its lyrics are about a teenage girl who deceives her father so she can go hot-rodding in his Ford Thunderbird. At the end, her father discovers her deception and takes the keys from her. Near the end of the song, the song’s narrator suggests that he and the girl have some ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ engaging in other sorts of activities.

The song was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love. The lyrics are partly inspired by events from Dennis Wilson’s life. Russ Titelman recalled that he visited Brian while he was working on the song, and that its original lyric was “Run, Run, Run”. Then-manager Murry Wilson was dissatisfied with the song, and had engineer Chuck Britz cancel one of its recording sessions. However, Brian rescheduled the session after discovering what happened.

According to Salt Lake City radio manager Bill “Daddy-O” Hesterman of KNAK, an early promoter of the Beach Boys who brought them to Utah for appearances and concerts, the song was inspired by an incident involving Shirley Johnson, the station owner’s daughter.

Shirley had borrowed her father’s 1963 Thunderbird, which had a University of Utah parking sticker, ostensibly to go study at the University library. Instead, she went to a drive-in theater. When the deception came to light, her driving privileges were revoked. In 2007, Johnson told KSL News that she was complaining loudly about the incident at the radio station, where she worked as a part-time secretary, when the Beach Boys happened to be there for an interview. Hesterman said that Wilson and Love, amused by the incident, jotted down the beginnings of the song as he took them to the airport that afternoon.

The opening electric guitar introduction of the song was based on Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.” The track’s punctuated drum fills were inspired by the work of Phil Spector. Phil Lambert noted that the initial two phrases of the song are based on almost the same chord progression as the first two phrases of “Da Doo Ron Ron”, and are melodically similar.

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