The Parody Project was founded in August of 2017 by Don Caron and Greg Gower. Parody in our contemporary culture is often largely misunderstood and is sometimes viewed as shallow sniping or cowardly criticism – and parody can certainly take that form. That’s not what we’re up to here, however. Parody has been an active and important part of contemporary culture for centuries. Whether in literature, theater, film or art, rarely does a day go by when an example of a parody is not widely visible. And it can be seen as ridicule but it can also be viewed as flattery. How you choose to view it says more about you than it does about the parody itself.



Don Caron Parody Project

For over 40 years Don Caron has been active in the entertainment industry as a composer, choreographer, pianist, sound engineer, editor, screenwriter, author, producer, and director. He has composed extensively for orchestra, choir and chamber groups and his music has been performed and heard world-wide. Commissions include the symphonic work “Paradigm Shifts” commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Spokane Symphony through a grant from the Olga Ferrai Foundation of New York. His music is available on CDBaby.com.

Co-writer and Co-director of the feature film Different Drummers. (Grand Remington for best screenplay at WorldFest Houston, Platinum Remington for Best Family Movie.)

Director of the documentaries “Forty Years in the Making,” The Elucidation of Different Drummers,” and co-director of “The Anatomy of a Ballet Class.”

Co-writer of the screenplay and composer of the choral/orchestral score for the feature film The Basket, produced by North by Northwest and released in 1999 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The Basket was awarded The Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival, Director’s Gold Award at the International Family Film Festival, and the Best Film for Families by MovieGuide Awards.

Caron’s screenplay “The Pull” was awarded a Platinum Remington for Best Romantic Screenplay at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival in 2008.

Way back in 2002 he was awarded “Composer of the Year” by the WA Music Teachers National Association.

Past Positions

  • Co-founder and co-director of Art Growers Association (with Elizabeth Carlssohn), a Washington State non-profit specializing in teaching materials for dance
  • Founder and Director of Composers’ Conspiracy, a non-profit organization which presented concerts of music by contemporary composers. (see “Celebrating Five Years at the Met, produced by Don Caron)
  • Sound Supervisor at North by Northwest Productions and North by Northwest Entertainment
  • Co-director of Different Drummers, LLC a movie production company
  • Owner and operator of Chef Caron (a DBA of Rhotus LLC) an online distributor of BBQ and wine implements.
CD Releases Include . . .
  • The First Class Albums, music for ballet class – four volumes –Roles: pianist, composer, producer 
  • The Legendary Davenport Hotel, documentary soundtrack –Roles: composer, recording engineer, mixer, producer
  • Four Ambiguous Options, orchestral and chamber music –Roles: composer, keyboards, recordist, mixer, producer
  • The Basket feature film soundtrack. –Roles: composer, orchestrator, conductor, producer
  • Different Drummers feature film soundtrack with original songs by Greg Gower. – Roles: composer, orchestrator
  • Victor – The Musical a full length sung-through musical based in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with lyrics by Kim Gannon. – Roles: composer, producer, recording engineer and mixer.




Greg Gower Parody Project
Greg has had a diverse and active career in the music industry which has included owning and operating several recording studios, working on movie sets as a boom operator and recordist, and working in post-production sound as a sound designer, mixer, foley artist and songwriter. However, his primary self-identification label is “singer-songwriter.”
His debut album was titled “So This is Life.” His band at the time was labelled Hip Nik Jerk, and his style was pop rock with a sixties folk-and-roll feel. He followed it up, during the Harry Potter craze, with an album of Harry Potter inspired material appropriately titled “Hogwart’s Trainwreck” that includes such self-defining song titles as “Don’t Cry for Neville” and “Hermione Might Be Hot.”

His first politically oriented release, “Never Odd or Even” he defines as “tongue-in-cheek anti-rightwing musical philosophy.” You’ve probably heard is songs on Air America, or maybe not, if that’s not the sort of thing you listen to. Should you be wondering if he tends to slant to the left, that suspicion would be confirmed when you read titles like “More Michael Moore” and “Frankly Mr. Franken.”

He wrote, performed and recorded a series of original songs for the feature film Different Drummers (International Release in 2014).

Recently his original material has focused on political commentary. Stay tuned to this website for upcoming posts of his latest original music videos with a strong flavor of political activism, not to mention more parodies, a lot more parodies.

Greg’s wife, the ultra-talented Linda Gower, sings and plays guitar, percussion and keyboard when she’s not too busy with her music teaching job with the public school system. She gets a well-deserved shout-out for portraying Paul Simon in the Simon & Garfunkel Parodies of The Boxer (The Tweeter) and Sounds of Silence (Confounds the Science).



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