HALLELUJAH PARODY – Letter to Wayne Pierre NRA

HALLELUJAH PARODY – An Open Letter to Wayne Pierre of the NRA

Hallelujah Parody: The arguments for, and the resistance to sensible gun regulations rage on – and centerstage is the NRA, led by Wayne LaPierre and spokesperson Dana Loesch – The rhetoric of both of the people is utterly predictable, outdated and senseless and they hide behind the second amendment because they just like their toys that much.


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Open Letter to Wayne LaPierre

You see yourself the defender of
the amendment passed to you from above,
and any change that happens must go through ya.
While other freedoms slipped away
with nothing standing in their way,
you waved your gun and claimed your hallelujah.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

We’ve heard you say these words before,
about the guns that you adore.
There really is no point in talkin’ to ya.
You pride yourself the ears and eyes
of five or so million other guys,
and think your words will draw their hallelujah.


Your mind is stuck in sixty-five
when cold-war commies were alive.
And those who wanted change were out to screw ya.
And gun controls of any kind
mean liberal commies in your mind
who’ll steal your rights then raise their hallelujah.


Your logic is profoundly flawed,
with teachers for your new vice-squad.
You’d arm them to the teeth but they see through ya.
Your rigid stance results in death.
You claim that right with every breath,
howling through your broken hallelujah.


We think it’s time that you step down.
Just walk away and pass the crown,
before someone decides they need to sue ya.
The arms race lost, it would appear
and you’ve become the thing you fear
an echo of your bloody hallelujah.



“Hallelujah” was composed by Leonard Cohen, a Canadian singer/songwriter, and was first released on the album titled Various Positions in 1984.

leonard cohen parody projectProbably due to Cohens performance style, the song achieved little initial success, when first released. the song found greater popular acclaim through a recording by John Cale, which inspired a recording by Jeff Buckley. It is considered as the “baseline” of secular hymns.

After the song was featured in the film Shrek, many performers discovered the innate power of the work and multiple arrangements and versions began to spring up.

Many arrangements have been performed by many and various singers, both in recordings and in concert, with over 300 versions known. So I guess this makes 301. The song has been used in film and television soundtracks and televised talent contests. “Hallelujah” experienced renewed interest following Cohen’s death in November 2016 and appeared on multiple international singles charts, including entering the American Billboard Hot 100 for the first time.

Cohen wrote around 80 draft verses for “Hallelujah”, with one writing session at the Royalton Hotel in New York where he was reduced to sitting on the floor in his underwear, banging his head on the floor. His original version, as recorded on his Various Positions album, contains several biblical references, most notably evoking the stories of Samson and treacherous Delilah from the Book of Judges (“she cut your hair”) as well as King David and Bathsheba (“you saw her bathing on the roof, her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you”).

You can read more about Wayne LaPierre if you’re intrigued. LaPierre blamed the Parkland incident, and others like it, on “lack of mental health reform and the prevalence of violent video games and movies.”

For more from Parody Project on this subject you can watch our Parkland Eulogy titled “The Country’s Heart, a serious parody of Shakira’s “Illegal,” also “In Memoria” in honor of the lives lost a Parkland and another about the NRA’s response to Parkland “What Does the Gun Say?”

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27 Responses

  1. Juanita

    It has been just over a year and once again we must bury yet another student and many others because of uncontrolled gun fire. Tears fall for the loss of our loved ones

  2. Cady Kyst

    Ok, your work is great. I would like to do them at an (selective) open mic,
    But who do I credit?

  3. Duncanyourmate

    If I had a buck to send , I , would , am in debt , Love Your Interpretation of classics , (with a bite)

  4. Adrienne

    You really merged with Leonard on this.
    I could feel him right there. He passed on just after the election.

  5. Doreen Khan

    Thank you for saying what needs to be said…..Love you and your work

  6. Peggy Orth

    Can’t believe the FIVE persons are the ONE & ONLY Don Caron. Great job of artristy & harmony. Kudos for that even though I am an NRA Member. A big fan of your satire Parody, even though I’m also a Constitutional Conservative. Go figure!

  7. Susan Hickey

    Thanks for another inspiring piece. I hope everyone goes to a March this Saturday. Check on-line for your
    town/city for location. If there isn’t one–go out with a friend for a walk and remember those lost to gun violence.
    The old adage There is Strength in Numbers is what we have to change things.

  8. Joanne Lloyd

    It will be the kids that change things in America. They won’t be intimidated.

  9. Lulu

    The US has a new religion and this is our first hymn.

  10. Joanne Bartlett

    Beautiful prayer to common sense gun reform. Thank you

  11. Jan

    Such irreverence for the Music. Great job! Your political statement is awesome! You should tour or be on Saturday night live!

  12. Jeff Schreiber

    I admire you guys so much! Masterful harmonies and exquisite arrangements. Thank you.

  13. Chris Young

    A beautiful arrangement which brings out the solemnity of the subject matter, the sacrificing of the education and safety of our youth in the name of completely unreasoning paranoia. We can still have armed citizens as a deterrent to totalitarian takeover, but have this kind of firepower under strict control.

  14. Gary Magwood

    You guys are so good… I’ve enjoyed all your Parody songs to date. Any plans to take this on the road? I’m not even sure where you are all based but if it’s anywhere in the US NE quadrant, Belleville, Ontario, where I live is not that far away… Just sayin’

  15. Maria Rainford

    I so admire your work which I have followed from the start ( I think ) and I have shared with my friends here in the UK to make them aware of what you are producing. We have problems here too and the same feeling of impotence and occasionally outrage. I will continue to listen to your offerings and to share them, you manage to put a different slant on each piece of work. My very best wishes to you, I admire you and your perseverance.

  16. Susan Huey

    fantastic now show the funerals and marches of the kids in the background for real effect!