BLAME OBAMA – Parody of Oklahoma

Yesterday, when asked about the ICE raids implemented by the White House, Kellyanne Conway responded by calling Obama the “Deporter in Chief,” attempting to sidestep a direct question about Trump policy by blaming Obama. How long will that continue to be the go-to defense for the actions of the Trump administration? Lyrics are provided by Greg Trafidlo.


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Copyright 2019 Greg Trafidlo

Blame Obama
when your wedding ring goes down the drain;
Or you burn the steaks, a shoelace breaks
or the game’s called on account of rain.

Blame Obama
when a snow cone freezes up your brain;
If you sprain your back, computer’s hacked
or the kids are driving you insane.

Instead of just singin’ the blues
there is someone who you can accuse.
And when you say you’ve had a rotten day
you’re only saying, “It’s no one’s fault but Obama.”
Blame Obama today!

Blame Obama
When the dog infests your house with fleas;
For your meager pay, a bad hair day
and your flashlight needs new batteries.

Blame Obama
for your audit by the IRS;
When you can’t make bail or broke a nail
and the family car is repossessed.

When you’re feeling fearful and stressed,
thank Obama for starting this mess.
Blame Obama, blame Obama, blame Obama, blame Obama
Blame Obama, blame Obama, blame Obama, blame!
So when you say things never go your way,
remember that until you can find a new scapegoat
Obama’s okay!

Blame Obama, blame Obama, blame Obama,
blame Obama, blame Obama, blame Obama,

When you’re feeling fearful and stressed,
thank Obama for starting this mess.
So when you say things never go your way,
remember that until you can find a new scapegoat
Obama’s okay! Okay!
Blame Obama!


Published 1943
Songwriter(s) Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II

“Oklahoma” is the title song from the Broadway musical Oklahoma!, named for the setting of the musical play. The music and lyrics were written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. The melody is reprised in the main title of the 1955 film version and in the overtures of both film and musical productions.

In 1953, the Oklahoma legislature chose it as the state song of Oklahoma, replacing a less well-known song, “Oklahoma – A Toast”, that had been adopted in 1935.

Midway through the second act of the play, after the principals Curly and Laurey are married, Curly begins to sing the song and is soon joined by the entire cast as a chorus. The lyric, which briefly depicts the Midwestern twang phonetically, describes the landscape and prairie weather in positive language. It further emphasizes the wholesome aspects of rural life, and the steadfast dedication of the region’s inhabitants, against the overtly stated formal backdrop of the territory’s impending admission to the Union in 1907.

Hammerstein’s lyric is also notable and memorable for its trochaic re-iteration of its title as a chant, and the final iambic eight-letter spelling of the title as a play on the colloquial English word “Okay”. Orchestrator Robert Russell Bennett’s massive 8-part chorale near the end of the song extends it to include a spelling of the name, ending with an epic ritardando leading into one last iteration of “Oklahoma.”

The song also serves as one of the key songs of the University of Oklahoma. The song plays as one of the hourly tunes from the bell tower on campus. The song is also played by the Pride of Oklahoma at various Oklahoma Sooners athletic events and other campus events.

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5 Responses

  1. no

    this format makes me leave , thanks Don , but this “new format” Lost Me , Love You Like A Brother ,

  2. fuck offf

    pommy (dem Englanders whom are gonna see Brexit do bad ) are Right , Trump splits the world ,

  3. Jan Chaffee

    Excellent again! I can’t believe these people don’t see how petty,immature and childlike they are acting. I would be sooo embarrassed.