IT AIN’T RUSSIA – Parody of It Ain’t Me Babe style of Johnny Cash

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It’s quite odd that while the Progressives in the Democratic Party are talking issues and policies, Tom Perez, the head of the DNC is talking about “Saving Democracy” by filing a lawsuit agains Russia, Trump and Wikileaks claiming that they caused Hillary to lose the 2016 election — after the DNC  committed one of the largest election frauds in the history of the US (admitted to in court by DNC lawyers) with the purchase of super-delegates prior to the primary campaign even beginning. This does not bode well for the Democratic Party. They needed to clean up their act but instead they continue to point fingers and blame others for their own failures.

There are many ways our voting rights have been battered and usurped in the US and Russia is not high on the list of things we need to fix.

Eliminate gerrymandering
Provide sufficient voting locations
Make voting day a national holiday
Eliminate hackable voting machines
Require machines to have verifiable backup
Eliminate voter roll purging
Eliminate super delegates
Require political parties to adhere to their own bylaws and regulations
Eliminate the Electoral College
Overturn Citizens United
Get corporate money out of politics
Eliminate Super Pacs
Eliminate discriminatory Voter ID laws
Stop using Provisional ballots
Provide same-day voter registration
Create a central electoral commission to set standards and lay down basic rules for everyone to follow, free of political interference.


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2016 election fraud



Elections have been snatched away,
it’s about to take place again;
Outcomes carefully prearranged,
who will lose and who will win.

With preselected candidates
other options are pushed out.
They hope we don’t see through the sham
and discover what it’s all about.
But their plan to avert the blame is flawed.

It ain’t Russia.
No, no, no, it ain’t Russia.
It ain’t Russia committing the fraud.

The D triple C is hard at work
with democracy by the throat.
They point their fingers accusingly
while they cheat us of our right to vote.

They tried it back in oh-sixteen
and they got their asses kicked.
It seems they didn’t learn a thing,
guess the lesson didn’t stick.
Now their trying to repeat the old scam.

But we can see, Babe
oh, woah, woah, we can see, Babe
But they just don’t give a damn. Babe.

The DNC was the master-mind
of the great election fraud.
So when Perez talks “saving democracy,”
it’s ain’t nothin’ but a sick facade.

While progressives speak to real concerns
that ain’t DNC’s technique.
Instead they file a claim in court
against Trump and Wikileaks.
‘Cause they say Russia caused their big defeat.

But it ain’t Russia.
No, no, no, it ain’t Russia.
They lost through their own deceit.

And they say Russia caused their big defeat,
but it ain’t Russia.
No, no, no, it ain’t Russia.
They lost through their own deceit.



Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash


“It Ain’t Me Babe”
Song by Bob Dylan
from the album “Another Side of Bob Dylan”
Released August 8, 1964

Dylan’s biographers generally agree that this song owes its inspiration to his former girlfriend Suze Rotolo. He reportedly began writing the song during his visit to Italy in 1963 while searching for Rotolo, who was studying there.

Clinton Heylin reports that a Times reporter at a May 1964 Royal Festival Hall concert where Dylan first played “It Ain’t Me” took the chorus “no, no, no” as a parody of the Beatles’ “yeah, yeah, yeah” in “She Loves You.”

Nat Hentoff’s late October 1964 New Yorker article on Dylan includes an account of Hentoff’s presence on the evening in June 1964 in the CBS recording studio when Dylan recorded this and a dozen or so other songs.

“Dylan,” Hentoff writes, “went on to record a song about a man leaving a girl because he was not prepared to be the kind of invincible hero and all-encompassing provider she wanted.”

According to music critic Oliver Trager, this song marked a departure for Dylan as he began to explore the possibilities of language and deeper levels of the human experience. Within a year of its release, the song was picked up as a single by folk rock act the Turtles and country artist Johnny Cash (who sang it as a duet with his future wife June Carter).

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7 Responses

  1. Katherine Lake

    Can’t believe I missed this one release. 😕 I remember my chagrin and anger during the DNC Convention, and the hutzpah of Perez’ suit. This parody speaks eloquently of those reactions. Thanks for articulating my feelings, Don. I can always count on you. 😍

  2. Stephania

    Thanks for your awesome genius. One question, may we use them in our political actions? I’m in CodePink and lots of your parodys would be great to use in street actions..

  3. Linda Thetford

    Powerful stuff. Sadly those with the power to enact change will probably never watch it or understand this. Luckily this video provides a flame of hope that cannot be ignored by those who take the time to watch it.

  4. Mary Ann

    As the Republicans rollback and dismantle Environmental Laws that are proven to keep our Air & Water Clean I will pass you on the street & toss a quarter in your hat
    As the Republicans rollback & dismantl Affordable Care Act & bend-over to Pharmaceutical Elite I will toss you a quarter
    As the Republicans rollback & dismantle The Bill of Rights …


    need a new labor song

    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time passing
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time ago
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    JOBS are export number one
    WHEN will they ever learn?
    WHEN will we ever learn?

    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time passing.
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time ago.
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    CORPORATIONS ship them every one
    WHEN will they ever learn?
    WHEN will we ever learn?

  6. RoseAnn Matthew

    I absolutely LOVE these parodies. You’re so talented, clever, and prolific. Thanks for keeping the focus on the truth. Look forward to each and every mailing, pls keep ’em coming!