LOSE YOUR HEAD – Parody inspired by Black Sabbath War Pigs

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There’s a lot going on to keep us distracted, and I don’t need to make a list because you already know all about that. The problem with distractions is they often cause us to fail to look at the issues that are of real importance. In my opinion the biggest issues are the out of control war machine that now is the face of America and the environmental disaster that continues to worsen and even be denied. So here’s a commentary on the latest debacle of our war-based economy.


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War in Yemen Parody ProjectWhy are we at war in Yemen
with our missiles and our bombs?
While we sell them to the Saudis
who are bombing schools and farms, .
crushing Yemen’s infrastructure ’til it’s nearly been destroyed,
Gone with health and sanitationwhere our weapons are deployed.

Wait! Isn’t that a war crime? Targeting civilians, tens of thousands now are dead.
Hey! But just ignore that ringing of that death chimeIf you don’t want to lose your head.

Exactly who is it that we are fighting there?
Don’t you want to know?
Our war machine pays off our congress,it’s little more than a puppet show.
We now live in a war paradigm
dissenting voices are not allowed.
it’s what we’re exporting to the world
and we’re headed for the mushroom cloud.

Saudi and America are congenital twins
Every step is about the money and only the money wins.
So we sell them billions worth of weapons
and let them use them how they will.Makes no difference to us who or what it is they choose to kill.

Do not think for just one second
that any of these wars are just;
That we invade those other countries so we can help them to adjust;
That we bomb them to oblivion so they too can be free.
You have to ask the question, “Just how free can chaos be?”

How many people in this world actually want a war?
It can’t be more than 25 or maybe only 24.
But this world is run by conmen they’re on every different side.
War profiteering used to be illegal in a long forgotten time

Now the spoils of war are the driving force
and all our wars are crimes.
But don’t stand up and point that out
just regurgitate what you’re fed.You have to watch your step these days or you could lose your head.

In Yemen we’re killing children hundreds dying every day.
We need to sell those weapons so that’s just a price they’ve gotta pay.
While we brag about our weapons deals and tightly clinch our fist.
We are bombing seven countries now
how many can you list?


11 Responses

  1. Kateri

    I just have to tell you again brother, I like everything about this parody! The lyrics, the dissonance/ choice of music, the images. Well done. I wish everyone in the USS could hear and see it. Thank you!

  2. Deborah Fugenschuh

    I am glad you are sending your message to keep it up, We need to hear this until we act. You are true change agents. Thank you

  3. greg anderson

    Don , mate that was graphic , even for you , I hope people Take A Hard Look , Australia is involved Too , Makes me Terribly sad , DT’s “fake news” has made bullshit legitmate , small minded folks ,just suck up what Rupert says ,(the retrospective Abortion we can all agree on) , Keep ploughing the holes of truth ,Much Admired ,

  4. Phyllis Waymire

    It’s uncanny how you guys nail what’s wrong in our country and how we treat others. Keep up the good work. My sister forwards your parodies to me and I send them on to those who may be interested. I wish I could help financially but am on Social Security and you know what’s going on with that and Medicare. I just hope our government doesn’t begin to target you but am afraid they will. Hang in there, you are doing good.

    • admin

      Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Niger — all under the banner of the same war authority granted in the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force to fight al-Qaeda-linked militants.

  5. J T Janaki Lessard

    These images are heard to look at but it is what the American people need to see. I like your lyrics & the video collage but I had to turn off the sound (sorry.) Too loud & dissonant for my ears. )-: I admire your work though & often share it. I definitely share your sentiments.

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