IT’S ALRIGHT NOW – Parody of Garden Party by Ricky Nelson


What better song to parody 45’s trip to Europe than Ricky Nelson’s Garden Party? After all, Nelson wrote it because he got booed off the stage at Madison Square Gardens



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trump hiding queen It's alright nowHe took a little trip to Europe
to pummel some old friends.
Used threats and taunts on his EU jaunts
then with Russia made amends

He kept the Queen in waiting,
then ignored her on a walk.
But things went better at the castle,
they had a lovely talk.

And it’s all right now.
He’s just a spoiled kid.
You see, he can’t accomplish anything,
but he’ll always say he did.

We know he admires Putin,
wants things with him to warm.
How could he know that when they did
it would start a big shitstorm?

He’s partial to the Russian mob.
He likes their money, too.
When that’s the only thing you value,
what’s a guy to do?

But it’s all right now.
All he has to do is lie,
‘cause his worshipers believe in him
and they will until they die.

He contradicted his own words,
said we were not fairly paid
by NATO countries we support,
then he thanked them for their aid.
He criticized the Brexit deal
negotiated by Ms. May,
then praised her for her leadership
and then ate her buffet.

But it’s all right now.
It all worked out because
even though he has no clue,
he can just pretend he does.

They call it the Surrender Summit.
I think that’s kind of harsh.
But I guess that he deserves it,
since he claimed that he could drain the marsh.

He only wants to line his pockets
before his time is done.
What else would any grifter do?
Why else would he have run?

But it’s all right now.
November’s almost here.
If you don’t like what’s happening,
then vote and make it clear.

And it’s all right now,
there’s no one else to blame.
If you don’t act it’ll just get worse,
or it’ll stay the same.


Ricky Nelson Garden Party“Garden Party” is a 1972 hit song written by Rick Nelson and recorded by himself and the Stone Canyon Band and released on the album “Garden Party.” The song tells the story of Nelson being booed off the stage at a concert at Madison Square Garden.

On October 15, 1971, Richard Nader’s Rock ‘n Roll Revival concert was given at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The playbill included many greats of the early rock era, including Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Bobby Rydell.

Nelson came on stage dressed in the then-current fashion, wearing bell-bottoms and a purple velvet shirt, with his hair hanging down to his shoulders. He started playing his older songs like “Hello Mary Lou”, but then he played the Rolling Stones’ “Country Honk” (a country version of their hit song “Honky Tonk Women”) and the crowd began to boo. While some reports say that the booing was caused by police action in the back of the audience, Nelson took it personally and left the stage. He watched the rest of the concert backstage and did not reappear on stage for the finale.

The song
“Garden Party” tells of various people who were present, frequently in an oblique manner (“Yoko brought her Walrus”, referring to Yoko Ono and John Lennon), with a chorus:

“But it’s all right now, I’ve learned my lesson well
You see, you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself”

One more reference in the lyrics pertains to a particularly mysterious and legendary audience member: “Mr. Hughes hid in Dylan’s shoes, wearing his disguise.” The Mr. Hughes in question was ex-Beatle George Harrison, who was a next-door neighbor and good friend of Nelson’s. Harrison used “Hughes” as his traveling alias, and “hid in Dylan’s shoes” most likely refers to an album of Bob Dylan covers that Harrison was planning but never recorded. “Wearing his disguise” also suggests that Harrison traveled incognito.

The phrases “Out stepped Johnny B. Goode / Playing guitar, like a-ringing a bell” refer to Chuck Berry and his song, “Johnny B. Goode.”

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2 Responses

  1. Katherine Lake

    We were hit by a tornado Ju!y 19th and were without phone lines or Internet for two months until today, therefore I just caught up with the parodies you’ve published since. It was an awfully arid time. All I could do was read or play the games resident on my tablet. It’s no surprised that I OD’d on Parody Project’s offerings! I really missed you!

  2. Peggy L. Orth

    “BUT IT’S ALRIGHT NOW”, Don is too heavy for me. I don’t approve of everything Trump does, but this song, I believe, attactked him PERSONALLY way beyond the pale. The background was great, as was the tune, but the words? Outa sight.