WHEN YOU GO AWAY – Parody of If you Go Away

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As people are fond of saying when things are too good or too bad, “This too shall pass.” This is just a sad song intended to make you feel better, because the day will come when he goes away. Parody lyrics written by Neal Phillips.


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When you go away, and we know you will,
then you might as well take your son away
and your daughter too, and that other son,
and Melania, talkin’ everyone
also KellyAnne, Sarah Huckabee,
you can take them all, then you’d better run
when you go away, and away you stay, 

when you go away.

And when you go, it’ll be such a day,
like no day has been or will be again.
We’ll sail on the sun, we’ll ride on the rain, 

we’ll talk to the trees, if any remain.
And when you go, and relieve the pain,
we don’t want to hear from you ever again
When you go away, when you go away.

On Election Day, when they count the votes, 

pack your golfing bags and your winter coats
and the TV set where you watched Fox News, 

call Sean Hannity ‘cause he’ll have the blues
I see the two of you on a Baltic cruise, 

maybe Putin too, or is that fake news?
When you go away, and away you stay, 

when you go away

And when you go, life will be sweet, 

we won’t have to read your stupid tweets
We’ll laugh every day, we’ll sleep every night, 

knowing the world just might be alright
You’ll wave goodbye with your tiny hands. 

We’ll say “Thank God,” and “good riddance,”
when you go away, when you go away.


“If You Go Away” is an adaptation of the 1959 Jacques Brel (Belgium) song “Ne me quitte pas” with English lyrics by Rod McKuen. Created as part of a larger project to translate Brel’s work, “If You Go Away” is considered a pop standard and has been recorded by many artists, including Greta Keller, for whom some say McKuen wrote the English lyrics.

Damita Jo reached #10 on the Adult Contemporary chart and #68 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966 for her version of the song. Terry Jacks recorded a version of the song which was released as a single in 1974 and reached #29 on the Adult Contemporary chart, #68 on the Billboard Hot 100, and went to #8 in the UK.

The melody is partly derivative of classical music – the poignant “But if you stay…” passage comes from Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6.

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12 Responses

  1. admin

    That’s true, but I think he gets one last ride to wherever.

  2. admin

    Thanks Lona, and thanks for the shoutout to Neal!

  3. Cherie Rosenstein

    I find your songs make my day with your heartwarming, optimistic messages.
    They give me something to look forward to when I wonder if this terrible Trump era will ever end.
    Thanks for the chuckles and smiles you give me.

  4. Lona Goudswaard

    Thanks, Don. Together with Neill Phillips you have given voice beautifully to what a large part of America is so much looking forward to: the end of the Trump era.

  5. Katherine Lake

    Right. He does not get to keep the plane.
    This is not a duplicate comment!

  6. Katherine Lake

    Right. He does not get to keep the plane.

  7. leslie Hulkower

    thank you for your words .i do hope he goes but without the plane

  8. Katherine Lake

    Thank you Don! That was heart-lifting and so hopeful. The lyrics were everything I want that vicious, lying, fat old man to hear. I am so glad to be one of your patrons.