THE DAY COLLUSION DIED – Parody of American Pie

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What a waste! For over two years our “news sources” engaged in speculation, imagination, supposition and absolutely no investigation regarding the Russia collusion conspiracy theories created by the media. The most damaging part of this is that it ultimately gave credibility to the president’s claims of ‘fake news” and it was wasted time and energy that should have been devoted to real journalism and actual news stories. Time to let it die.


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According to a new report from the New York Times, Mueller has farmed out federal indictments to the SDNY, in Manhattan, the EDNY, in Brooklyn, the EDVA in Virginia, the U.S. Attorney’s office in LA, the U.S. Attorney’s office in DC, the DOJ National Security Division, the DOJ Criminal Division.

All of Mueller’s existing indictments reside in a “presidential pardon proof” prosecutorial district as long as the charges aren’t violations against federal law. Meanwhile, the investigation has led to 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas, and five prison sentences.The string of crimes that have already been unearthed is staggering and unprecedented in our nation’s history.


Two long years ago
the probe began and many 
that someday it would make them smile.
And those who said it had no chance
were scowled upon and seen askance
so desperate was the hope to see a trial.

But February made them shiver
as it came clear he’d not deliver.
The news that they desired
was not to be acquired.

I know that many people cried
when they read the news, it hurt their pride,
so deeply in the pipe dream mired
the day collusion died.

So bye, bye to the collusion lie,
Russian Agents, Putin’s Puppet and a plot to deny.
From each new event how the conjecture would fly.
Can they let it go and just let it die?
Let it go and just let it die.

We all know that he’s corrupt
and his list of crimes is building up
so I’ll just list them down below.
While emoluments could’ve kicked the goal
collusion was their chosen roll
investigating all of it real slow.

Well, the Media then lost their mind
as they blundered backward fully blind.
Collusion became news,
evidence not vital for clues.

The other news stories all were then chucked
while collusion filled every news truck
But I knew they ran out of luck
the day collusion died.

But they kept singing
Bye, bye he’s a Russian ally
Putin Puppet, Russian agent and a treasonous spy
and every day, more wacky theories would fly.
Time to let it go and just let it to die.
Let it go and just let it die.

Now when Mueller issued his report
the media could not contort it
to save face though they did try.
They lost all credibility.
Embarrassed is what they should be,
and the damage done they cannot deny.

They gave victory to the president,
validation as if heaven sent.
The courtroom was adjourned,
no verdict was returned.
And now when he screams about fake news
he’ll be correct thanks to their ruse.
The “Witch Hunt” he’ll rightfully accuse
the day collusion died.

‘cause they were singing
Bye, bye he’s a Russian ally
Putin Puppet, Russian agent and a treasonous spy
And every day, more crazy theories would fly
time to let it go and just let it to die.
let it go and just let it die.

I met a girl who sang the blues.
She she asked me for some happy news.
I offered but she just turned away.
Those who followed actual facts
instead of “liberal media” hacks
would know that Mueller knew the only way.

He farmed out criminal indictments
to seven districts, there’s excitement,
all of them pardon-proof,
not like the collusion spoof.
So carefully he did anoint
a prosecution starting point
the outcome couldn’t disappoint
the day collusion died.

Yet they’re still singing
Bye, bye he’s a Russian ally
Putin Puppet, Russian agent and a treasonous spy.
The Russian hysteria was misplaced outcry.
Time to let it go and just let it die.
Let it go and just let it die.

So, bye, bye to the collusion lie,
Collusion obsession-gave the press a black eye.
And if they persist the damage will amplify
Time to let it go and just let it die.


“American Pie” is a song by American singer and songwriter Don McLean. Recorded and released on the American Pie album in 1971, the single was the number-one US hit for four weeks in 1972 and also topped the charts in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

The repeatedly mentioned phrase “the day the music died” refers to the plane crash in 1959 that killed early rock and roll performers Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens. (The crash was not known by that name until after McLean’s song became a hit.)

The meaning of the other lyrics has long been debated, and for decades, McLean declined to explain the symbolism behind the many characters and events mentioned. However, the overall theme of the song is the loss of innocence of the early rock and roll generation as symbolized by the plane crash that claimed the lives of three of its heroes.

Listen to it here:

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17 Responses

  1. Jeanne Glenz

    you hit the nail on its head. Mueller has to be impartial in his comments and in the wording of his findings or he will be accused of bias and inaccuracy. The true story is already in the public eye. Somehow white collar crime just doesn’t engender the same emotional high that espionage does. let’s not forget that the FBI got Al Capone on income tax evasion….has a lot of appeal. The punishment should meet the crime. He has not been exonerated. Mueller just did not see enough evidence to order an indictment that could lead to impeachment which would bring our already almost defunct government to a grinding halt.

  2. Juanita

    No flack here what you said makes very very good sense of no POTUS pardons for this crimes that are not Federal crimes. It’s good and makes a good stand of what is to come

  3. admin

    Thanks Curt! Appreciate the support, for sure!

  4. Curt Bovee

    Thank you, Friend.
    Absolutely FANtastic !

    p.s. Hell with the flackers.

  5. admin

    Thanks for the comment, Barbara! And you’re right, it’s definitely not over.

  6. Barbara Bryant

    I won’t give you flack. Even Phil Ochs called it as he saw it, as in “Love me, I’m a Liberal”. I still think Mueller did what he was charged to do and that he set the table for the prosecutions in a jurisdiction that can do what he could not. It ain’t over yet, Baby Blue.

  7. Penny

    This was a tough one…beautifully done, as always. We will survive…and overcome! Thanks for your great summaries of what is!

  8. Susan Watanabe

    As a friend of mine has said, Mueller was simply “setting the table.” I wanted to bristle at this video, but I can’t. 🙂

  9. admin

    Thanks Kelly. I’m taking a lot of flak for that parody, I appreciate your comments.

  10. Kelly

    Ever since the summary of the Mueller Report came out, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that Anderson has been grasping at straws and Rachel engaging in wishful thinking: “We haven’t seen the full report yet,” “he hasn’t been exonerated,” “the report is over 300 pages; there must be some evidence of, if not criminal behavior, impeachable behavior.” I was as disappointed as they were, and still can’t look at my Google News Feed for fear of bad news. I totally agree with you that they need to “face the music.”

    P.S. I also like the music and lyrics.

  11. Sue Luppert

    The Day Collusion Died. You did it again. I love every one of your parody’s. Thank you.