AWAY IN A MANGER 2018 – Parody


This parody was first posted last year around this time. There’s no better time of year than the Christmas Season to witness blatant hypocrisy, so why not have a parody about it?


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Away in a manger
no crib for his bed
and no crib is coming
The congress has said
No comfort for poor people
not any more
We’ll teach ’em a lesson
by slamming the door

The stars in the sky
Look down where He lay
His parents are lazy
His dad might be gay
Well they are a burden
and we’ve had enough
we’re cutting off access
to all that free stuff

That baby grew up
and he taught peace and love
There are many believers
in Congress . . . sort of
They claim to embrace
the example he taught
To witness their actions
We think they do not

Away in a manger
no crib for his bed
with Congress concerned
“Merry Christmas” was dead
they focused on that
and ignored all the rest
devising new ways
to oppress the oppressed

Away in a manger
is where he must stay
or else his teachings
might get in their way
There’s money to grub
and there ‘re wars to sustain
That they believe in
their faith they just feign

To them we now say
you are not what you claim
It’s apparent that profit
is your only aim
Whatever you say
and whatever you do
We don’t want to hear crap
about Christmas from you


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2 Responses

  1. Janet Parsons

    Hello Don,
    Another cogent and excellent song. Claiming to be “Christians”, putting children in cages, in tents, far away from their parents who are kept like slaves, supposed to “work” for their keep with no limit to their detenion…
    The whole current government deserves to fall.
    And we will continue to work for fair elections ~ the right to vote for all is primordial in order to change the US into a country of laws where the indecent ones are suppressed (Repub. takeovers in Wisconsin and elsewhere) and the laws for the benefit of the people are upheld by the courts.
    Wonderful work!!!

  2. leslie Hulkower

    if this problem so simple i would agree with you.but it’s not .i don’t agree with trump on anything he is a sick man.but this country may be rich but a lot of us are not and we have to pay for the mistakes of our goverment.there are other counties that should help we should but not with people who don’t care , they just want to come here any way they can.lets help them and ourselves but not by putting a burden on those of us who are just surviving