Parody Project journeys to Norway, and impersonates Norwegians to deliver this message to 45 regarding his rude reference. Based on the response we’ve gotten from actual Norwegians, they are not in disagreement with the sentiments expressed in this Parody. which is based on a rather ancient Nordic tune, sung in the style of the original Nordic folksongs.


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Lyrics by Don Caron – Music Traditional Norwegian

We’re happy about our country, thanks
and its praises are well-sung now
We’re one of the richest on the globe
here we take care of old and young now

the finest care is for all of us
disregarding annual income
We have respect and we’re treated thus
we protect ourselves and then some

The poor and the wealthy blend quite well
education is for all, oh
the progeny of the plumber sits with
those of the CEOs, oh

we strive for equal opportunity
human rights and gender equality
Norway is the happiest country
with lives of the highest quality

You profit from the plight of your elderly
and spend the most on health care
but your system comes in last each time
things don’t seem to ever improve there.

You rob the young of their future pay
funneled into your corporations
they leave their schools on the final day
with indebted complications

We resisted Nazi Germany
we built a system based on people
We have no need for your racist creed
Or your neo-nazi sheeple

Just because we are mostly white
doesn’t mean you are our brother
We don’t fit in with your whitewash plan,
we’re accepting of all colors

But we know that you excel
at certain things in the the USA, now
It’s only fair to acknowledge these
So we’ve one last thing to say, now

We’re aware that you are number one
for citizen incarceration
You also landed in first place
for the most breast augmentation

Copyright 2018 Parody Project LLC

THE SOURCE MATERIAL for The Shithole Parody

This parody was inspired by a comment made by 45 which, of course, his supporters claim he never said. Fake news, and all that, you know. He wondered out loud why we allow immigration from all these “shithole” countries. Why don’t we focus on countries like Norway instead? Then his handlers got busy and made the claim that he didn’t actually say “shitholes.” What he said was “shithouses.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SO you can see why this inspired us to do some parody work.

The music for our shithole parody comes from an ancient Nordic folksong called “Song of Roland.” It’s a song a Norwegian ballad about the legendary hero Roland of Charlemagne’s court. According to people who are supposed to know about this sort of stuff, this song was handed down from the late middle ages. The traditional melody for this ballad originated in Norway.

If you like controversial parodies, check out our open letter to Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA, titled “Hallelujah Parody.”

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19 Responses

  1. norm oleesky

    WOW! Just heard some of these for the first time. First, these guys sure look alike!:) Fantastic! Brilliant! Wonderful! Send me more!

  2. Trish McD

    I know I’m late to the game here, but you kind of left out the mass shootings. We really excel at that, and our solution to solving the mass shooting “problem” seems to be MORE GUNS. Somehow, and I’m not sure how, arming even more non combat trained people is going to fix everything, somehow, I’ve been told…..

  3. peter brandt pedersen

    probably because the intelligence in the US is so low that immigrants will be a success

  4. Catherine Lundberg

    Love your songs with the brilliant lyrics. Right on target and an increasingly loud protest. Norway has shown what can be done with the government of the people for the people and the fair distribution of the country’s wealth, instead of concentrating it in the hands of a few. Why don’t we all learn from them? Who cares what colour their skin happens to be, the example of government they have set shines a light in an increasing darkening world. More please.

  5. Carl Roodman

    May I suggest that you add your talents to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”
    It’s a seldom sung patriotic song, which I’m sure, is dear to all of Trump’s brethren

  6. Donna Hortsch

    Yesterday, during the Women’s March, I shared “12 days of Trump’s Mess” with a small group. They all reacted well. I’m in a ritirement center and missed the March. Last Year we had one here, just going down a hallway. This year, instead, we listened to Parody Project.

  7. Wendy Cooper

    One of the funniest. They keep coming and there is so much going on over there that it must be hard to keep up with the parodies.
    No time to sleep. At least there is no shortage of material and the republicans go from bad to worse to “worserer”. New word for the Dictionary.

  8. Cynthia Jones- Donovan

    So accurate. That’s for helping choke on laughter.

  9. Nancy Chisholm

    cadet Bone Spurs teeth are Gnashing
    While my sides are splitting LAUGHING!
    Thanks for yet another sidesplitting and splenderous satire!

  10. Chrissie

    You guys ROCK! Please keep these parodies coming. They are brilliant. xxxxx

  11. Chrissir

    You guys ROCK! Please keep these parodies coming. They are brilliant. xxxxx

  12. donna shandley

    Aww you guys are my only bright spot in this political disaster I play you over and over when I get depressed about what we have become!

  13. Grandma Happye Baessler

    Right in. Keep it coming. The people need to hear it!!! Hopefully they’ll open their ears and minds.

  14. Barbara J. Fernald

    I have been enjoying your parodies for two months now. This one is especially dear to my heart because my mother was Norwegian and I know just enough about Norway to think, when tRump said what he did, that Norwegians have no need, no desire to come here.