FOURTH OF JULY – New Verse for the National Anthem

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So, in honor of this holiday, under the circumstances, we decided an appropriate gesture would be to provide a new verse for The Star Spangled Banner – sort of an updated verse that expands on the verse we are familiar with. So here it is, performed from the balcony of the Whitehouse.


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The New Verse for the National Anthem
With our banner raised high, we must ponder a choice
Those who truly are free, offer freedom with grace
Those who truly are brave. will invite every voice
No matter their creed, and no matter their race

For this flag bears the theme of our country’s great dream
if we follow its course, then our past we redeem
and then we shall witness the flag of our land
as the truth and the power of Founder’s great plan

Copyright 2018 Parody Project LLC

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4 Responses

  1. Maria Rainford

    You go from success to success. I hope a big firm or something similar decides to fund your magnificent efforts which are admired not only in the US but Europe as well. You are showing the ‘other side’ Bravo

  2. Allen Bachelder

    ‘ Just listened to Presidents Day Special. First of all, your quartet-singing is nothing less than spectacular! Diction is impeccable, as is intonation. Nice arrangement too!

    As for parody, this is not humor, it is another beautiful statement of American aspirations. Please do a lot more of this splendid quartet singing. It is so wonderful, it compels careful listening just for musical reasons.

    ‘ Loved it!

    Allen Bachelder
    Retired Professor of Trumpet and Music Theory
    Virginia Tech University

  3. Carol Faust

    Another beautiful song which also brings the tears. Thank you!