LIE LIE LIE – Parody


We all know that 45 lies consistently, constantly, and relentlessly. It’s fun to make fun of him about that, but the more important issue is what lies were there before he came on the scene and will remain after he is gone? And that is what inspired this parody.



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Lie Lie LIe parody project with don caronElections are approaching
and a story will be told
Is there more than just resistance?
or is all just lies and empty promises?

Lies we detest,
Still we all just hear what we want to hear
and disregard the rest.
Mmm mm mm

Would you rather vote for honesty
even if you disagree
than descend into the perils
of those who simply tell you what you
want to hear?

Or do you think, you can pick between an offer of
the lesser of two lies
searching for the truth in
moral compromise?

Lie la lie,
Can you tell when you are being told a lie?
Lie la lie, lie la la la la lie la la lie

There’s a lie that is pervasive
Says there’s only Red or Blue
and the other choices
are wasted votes that undermine
A wasted vote
Is when you choose a candidate
Against your personal beliefs

Lie la lie, lie la la la lie lie
Lie la lie, lie la la la la lie la la lie

Let’s lay it out, get it exposed
The money is the lie
and the home
of corruption in our system
and it’s running free
it’s us they own.

There exists a clear solution
Do not vote for corporate shills
even if they’re in your party
Cause they’ll vote against you once they win
and then they’ll lie about it
And find someone else to blame
still deceiving still receiving
corporate money that’s their aim

Lie lie lie
Lies are coming from both sides
lie lie lie
That’s was creates the great divides
lie lie lie lie lie

“Fomentation of dissent” is a lie
It’s just a way to force consent
lie lie lie lie lie

“War that helps another nation” is a lie
More like resource abdication
lie lie lie lie lie

“Single payer price too high” another lie
It’s the corporate socialism battle cry

“We live in a free market” is a lie
Corporations are on welfare, can’t deny.
lie lie lie

All our wars this century are based on a lie
to the benefit of wealth our children die
lie lie lie

Third parties are just spoilers is a lie
They are a threat to power structure heave a sigh
Fair and free elections that’s another a lie
And the Russians didn’t cause but nice try

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13 Responses

  1. Jari J.

    OMG. The bugle part with the military graveside. That brought tears.

  2. Katherine Lake

    Excellent Don!! Telling lyrics fit so smoothly into the music, and I could listen to your close harmony all night. Thank you!

  3. Janice

    Can you do some parodies for us Canadians and our foolish PM that bought us a pipeline disaster?

  4. Kateri

    That was a disturbing listen, and so well done. Excellent lyrics, tellling the truth about the lies.

  5. greg anderson

    It so True , we pay lobbyists to sell their(corporate greedy ideas) , Its about Time Everyone Realised Democracy Costs , (if you what it ‘free an Fair), Taxpayers should pay for all elections , cut out the lobbyists, have elected Representatives whom work for your vote , Not Banks, Big Pharma,Weapons Makers,Politicans whom give a shit about the people whom put them there , as the only thing trickle down tax cuts achieve ,is unrine down the leg whilst we pay for dry cleaning and new shoes ,

  6. Sherrie Bast

    Wow. As always. The lyrics are beautifully written and as harrowing as intended. – More people need to hear your work. I share it every chance I get – Balm for a struggling spirit in these painful political times. Thank you!

  7. Wendi Dwyer

    You drive the nail home everytime by banging it straight on the head. Hard. As you do with all your work. Independent candidates should play your work during their election campaigns. I know some sections of society- in any country- want to be lied to, but I think most people want to hear the truth. That aside- your music is a gift. It’s always so lovely to hear- thank you.

  8. Jack K.

    This parody is spot on. Good job. Your parodys should be heard by more people.

  9. Steve Kirby

    Right on the money. Love it. You guys should go on tour, and you could pair up with Sandy & Richard Riccardi . . . that would be one cool show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Steve Kirby

    One of your best ones yet! Love it. You guys should go on tour, and you could pair up with Sandy & Richard Riccardi . . . that would be one cool show!!!!!!!!!!!!