ODE TO A LIAR – Parody of I Never Say


We all know someone who lies. Feel free to dedicate this Ode to your favorite liar in the comments below, even if it’s you, yourself! There’s a lot of lying going on these days. I thought it might be helpful to write a generic song that would be useful today as well as any time in the future, since we’ll always have liars among us. In fact, 10% of people are prolific liars, according to Business Insider; And 60% of people can’t go ten minutes without lying is a claim made on the website mentalfloss.com



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Ode to a Liar 1 Parody Project Don CaronThe sun doesn’t say that it’s shining
A river never says that it flows
Poems do not comment on the rhyming
‘cause everyone knows

It’s simply what’s built in to their nature
Expected since we know that it’s true

So you need not confess
That you lie to excess
‘Cause we know that it’s just what you do.

There are forces that surround us in nature
That we cannot resist or overcome
Hurricanes tornadoes and earthquakes
Are examples of some
Each day we will brace for the onslaught
As predictable as an ocean wave
‘Cause all that you say
Your deception buffet
Is the worst way that nature misbehaves

The sun doesn’t say that it’s shining
And the wind never says that it blows.
Fire doesn’t mention that it’s burning
‘Cause everyone knows. 

Like the flowers always know when they’re blooming
And the sky always knows that it’s blue
Just like we know
And you prove it so
‘Cause lying is just what you do.

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5 Responses

  1. Juanita Imhoff

    A gentle way to explain what has become know as the truth in the world as we have known it since November 9, 2016……Hopefully to be changed on 11-06-18

  2. Katherine Lake

    Don, this is the first parody of yours that I haven’t liked. In fact, I actively disliked it! Boring musically, insipid lyrics. Of course, one disappointing parody out of your many,many smash hits is something I can live with. I’m still in love with you💕 As ever, Katherine

  3. Harry Mayor

    As a Canadian endangered species [a senior] I and many others would love to see some Canadian directed parodies.We have more than ample targets. All elections are important, however the one next year is of prime importance. Canada cannot afford and or suffer another 4 years of Trudeau the Younger.

    We do measure his lack lustre ‘performance’

    Importing Parody Projects would not cause any more problems for NAFTA