REPEAL WHAT’S AMISS – Parody of Sealed With a Kiss

There’s a lot riding on the election that’s coming up on the 6th of November. You’ll see other parodies from us detailing the problems facing Democrats in making their candidate selection. Obviously this is complicated by the corruption within the DNC and the DCCC, but this parody is just a simple little song about making a commitment to meet on on the sixth of November and repeal what’s amiss.


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Repeal what's amiss parody project

Things have gotten really bad, it’s a bummer.
But Baby I promise you this
We’ll start to mend our woes on the sixth of November
Repeal what’s amiss.

We don’t have to say goodbye to our country
We can do more than reminisce
We’ll implement our plan for the sixth of November
Repeal what’s amiss.

A Congress that’s not paid for
Our voices will be everywhere
We will extract ourselves from
the clutches of billionaires

Though our country’s wandered far since last summer
Step back from the abyss
Let us make a pledge to meet in November
Repeal what’s amiss

Yes it’s gonna be a cold lonely summer
Let this thought fill the emptiness
We’ll see things turn around on the sixth of November
Repeal what’s amiss.
Repeal what’s amiss.
Repeal what’s amiss.
Repeal what’s amiss.



sealed with a kissSOURCE MATERIAL

“Sealed with a Kiss”

Single by Bobby Vinton
from the album Sealed with a Kiss
Released 1972
Songwriter(s) Peter Udell, Gary Geld

“Sealed with a Kiss” is a song written by Peter Udell and Gary Geld and was most successful as a 1962 hit single for Brian Hyland, who recalls Geld saying the song was “based on, but not totally based on, a Bach finger exercise (see five-finger exercise).” The original recording of “Sealed With a Kiss” was that by The Four Voices which was released as a single in May of 1960 without becoming a hit.
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9 Responses

  1. Elisa Mead West

    Vote on November 6 2018! We’ve reached a tipping point. There are many people who will stop at nothing to police wedding cakes, but will do nothing to protect children from being killed. We have to change this!
    Don’t %#$@ up the end-game!

  2. Steve Ross

    Great song. Sorry to hear that you would rather elect Republican wingnuts by withholding your vote from people you believe dont represent your point of view. HRC and Bernie voted the same 93% of the time! Not good enough?

    A third of all Obamacare enrollees and all 11 MILLION of CHIP enrollees are in Medicaid, which is single payer. And we have national health insurance the Republicans are dismantling. Not good enough for you?

    The Nader Court and ACLU have destroyed 100 years of campaign finance law… and Democracy itself — by saying money is speech and corporations are people (read ACLU justification for its support of Citizens United at so blame corporatist Democrats? Btw, Nader Court also said states no longer have to get Voting Rights Act clearance before suppressing nonwhite votes… and almost 30 states have done so. Democrats have been spending $500 million each national election to fight that — money Republicans dont have to spend.

  3. Sherrie Zuzo

    Lovely voice – hopeful lyrics – wonderful wit – thank you for being a bright spot – many spots of brightness actually – in such dark times

  4. Greg Anderson

    Dear Don, in Australia you get fined $50 for not voting, as a registered voter you have to go to the polling booth & get your name checked off the roll, thus the term ‘donkey vote ‘ where people just put 1 2 3 4 etc down the ballot paper. Democracy by stealth & you can still vote from jail (less than 12 mths sentences ) & are free to vote once released after any sentence, its a weird hangover from the English, cause all Australians are considered Ex British criminals, for stealing a loaf of bread 200 yrs ago, lol, True ps I encourage all my expat friends to vote, they have to go to US embassy to re-register every 2 years, otherwise their names are removed from last USA address

  5. Wendi Dwyer

    Incisive and to the point as ever. And what a beautiful voice you have. Thank you.

  6. Duncanyourmate

    you are incredibly ,hard working , a prolific turn of art , Thank You , (i mean that sincerely Greg )

  7. King Fred II, truth-seeker

    You’d better watch out! The billionaires are known for the fact that they love to play with digits. The 6th of November… write that in digits (11/6) and then turn it upside down! You get 9/11. You’ve been warned!!!

  8. Doreen Khan

    Than you again. I look forward to your new song every week. This one is one of hope but seems tinged with sadness too.