LET IT GO | Parody by Don Caron and Bill Maher

This parody is based on one of Bill Maher’s “New Rules” from a monologue on his show. Basically it addresses how to get through the holidays when you have family members who hold opposing political views and the fact that we are so polarized as a culture – I’ll post his video at the bottom of the page in case you want to check it out. The song, in case you can’t quit place it, is Here We Come a Caroling.


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by Don Caron and Bill Maher

America is a big country
filled with lots of peeps
who do not think the way you do.
It’s not because they’re creeps.

Democracy means that you share
your country with whoever’s there,
even assholes you can’t stand
to be around or even see,
even when they are in your own family.

We must accept the differences
that other people show,
though half of them eat sweet potatoes
topped with marshmallow.

They wear matching family clothes,
and hang balls on pickup tows,
and they want a guy like this to pick
our high court nominees,
And they barely learned to do their ABCs

We need to drop the fantasy
and set the game aside
that we can crush or shred or pulverize
the other side.

So I’ll now explain the deal;
Those are not things that are real.
They’re the middle settings on your blender
that you never use,
No one likes your viewpoint if you light their fuse.

There’s a lot of people
who don’t think the way we do
and we can’t own or vanquish them
we’re stuck with them, it’s true.

We are stuck with them and thus
they are also stuck with us.
They are here and they’re annoying
and that always will be true
As mad as you are at them they’re mad at you

If one side wins everything
with 2020 gains,
The other side will still be here
they just won’t have the reins.

They’re not gonna self deport.
They’re in Congress and in Court.
in your office, at the club and even sitting on your couch.
They are permanent fixtures, we can all vouch.

We need to learn to live together
or blood may be spilled.
It’s time to learn three magic words
before we all get killed.

Magic words the secret to
how to calm the beast in you.
They’ve been used for centuries to keep peace
and stop the hammer throw
The three magic words are simply, “Let it go.”

THE SOURCE MUSIC: Here We Come a Caroling

Here We Come A-wassailing (or Here We Come a Caroling) is a traditional English Christmas carol and New Year song, dating from at least the mid-19th century,, but possibly much older. The old English wassail song refers to ‘wassailing’, or singing carols door to door wishing good health, while the a- is an archaic intensifying prefix; compare A Hunting We Will Go and lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas (e.g., “Six geese a laying”).

A variant is known as “Here We Come A-Christmasing”. It replaces the word “wassail” with “Christmas”. There are also other variants (often, but not always, sung by Americans) wherein, the first verse is sung, “Here We Come A-Caroling” and it is titled as such.

According to Readers Digest; “the Christmas spirit often made the rich a little more generous than usual, and bands of beggars and orphans used to dance their way through the snowy streets of England, offering to sing good cheer and to tell good fortune if the householder would give them a drink from his wassail bowl or a penny or a pork pie or, let them stand for a few minutes beside the warmth of his hearth. The wassail bowl itself was a hearty combination of hot ale or beer, apples, spices, and mead, just alcoholic enough to warm tingling toes and fingers of the singers.”

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2 Responses

  1. admin

    That doesn’t ring a bell. Are you sure it was one of mine?

  2. Elspeth Odbert

    what happened to the one about Trump leaving New York? It was not only a real satire, but was also beautiful music!1. I don’t find it onyour listing.