A Tale of Indictment | Don Caron

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A summary of what brought us to where we are with the Jack Smith investigation and the consequent indictments – 37 felony counts, but who’s counting?

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by Don Caron

Weeks before he left the White House
Trump and aides packed up his things
Letters, cards some state secrets
Who knows what the future brings
The boxes went to Mar-a-Lago
Stacked in empty rooms
Shower, ballroom, bathroom, closet
Mixed with mops and brooms

May of 2021
The National Archives made an ask
Please return the missing docs
It shouldn’t be that big a task.
They were ignored for months on end
No reply while they just wait
Eight long months had passed them by
When two trump aides showed up with 15 crates

The National Archives quickly saw
That nested in among the rest
Were many confidential items,
As one might have guessed
As required, to the DOJ
They made a full report
So far no big deal
cases like this almost never land in court

The DOJ sent a subpoena
That required their return
That’s when crimes began
Which made the wheels of justice start to turn
If he’d released the missing crates
That would have finished up this tale.
But that’s not what he chose to do
Instead he started down the path toward jail.

Trump and his team said they had done
A very thorough search
Claiming “all” had been returned
Sworn and certified in Church
Then Trump and Walter Nauta
Started setting their own snare
As they moved and hid the boxes
That they claimed were never there

The FBI decided they would
Take them in a raid
So they went to Mar a Lago
To do that for which they’re paid
Sure enough, they found more documents
And seized them as they should
While Trump proclaimed his innocence
As one might expect he would

That put the ball in Merrick Garland’s court
Would he just let it slide?
No, he appointed Special Counsel
Leaving Trump nowhere to hide.
November 18 ’22
When Jack Smith came on board
Overturning each and every stone
With no evidence ignored

June 9 of 2023
The indictment thundered in
thirty-seven felonies
but that is not the living end
There’s still the issue of Jan 6
He won’t leave all that work undone
No, Jack Smith isn’t finished yet
There’s even more to come

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3 Responses

  1. Keith Peshak

    Excellent pre-exam review session. Republicans would seem to only care about their stock based 401k, and how much tax money they can be gifted, will always push the big red button with no concern for which candidate this time around (the dumber the better, because more easily controlled). With a love of Adolph Hitler, they embark down the same path, hoping for another dollar before being bombed flat. They need a remedial level review session before the exam, just name calling doesn’t register because they are too busy doing that themselves.

  2. Daniel Lips

    Thank you! Congratulation to be humorously expressed.

  3. Katherine Lake

    Don, one of your most riveting. This should be preserved for future historians, it’s so concise,complete and factual. Bravo!