WHAT DOES THE GUN SAY – Parody of What Does the Fox Say

The NRA claims to represent over five million individuals who own guns in this country. Yet they refuse to use their influence to address one of our most complex and difficult issues – that of gun violence. Worse, whenever the conversation arises, they take it to its illogical extreme so that even attempting to discuss the issue means all guns are about to be confiscated and the second amendment abolished. Here’s a closer look at their peculiar breed of insanity and inanity.

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What Does the Fox Say – Words and Music Ylvis (Norwegian Duo)

Ylvis what does the fox say parody project“The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” has been categorized as an “electronic dance” song, but that description scarcely does it justice. While it is catchy as hell and very danceable there’s quite a bit more to its appeal than that. And it does have great appeal, having received, as of this writing, more than 700 million views on Youtube.

In fact, What Does the Fox Say, by the Norwegian duo Ylvis, was the top trending video of 2013 on YouTube. “The Fox” peaked at the top of the Norwegian Singles Chart and was hugely successful in the United States, where it peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks, and was, before the US release of “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz, the highest-ranked song by a Norwegian artist on the chart since A-ha’s number-one song “Take on Me” in 1985.

What Does the Fox Say was originally an “anti-hit” produced as a part of the duo’s new season of Norwegian television talk show I kveld med YLVIS (Tonight with Ylvis) and uploaded on YouTube as a teaser, “The Fox”, “created to fail”,[9] has ironically and accidentally gone viral, becoming Ylvis’ “breakout” song and drawing international attention to the group. In 2013, Ylvis stated there were no plans to release an album including the song or any sequel to it.

(includes audio inserts from Loesch and LaPierre)

Kids say words,
ask for help,
“Gun controls
should happen now.”

Running scared,
school halls,
to escape the savage gun.

Kids say words,
“Could you just
raise the age to twenty-one?”

“’Cause we’re the kids
and you’re adults.”
What does the gun say?

school shooting parody project“The NRA has come out already
and they’ve issued a statement
opposing increasing the age
to purchase “long guns”
simply because . . .”

What the gun say?

” . . . a two-year period doesn’t solve psychosis
A two-year period doesn’t solve psychosis,
solve psychosis,
solve psychosis!”

What the gun say?

“Washington Navy Yard,
Garland, Texas
Fort Hood
San Bernardino
Do you know
what all of these
mass-tragedy incidents involved?”

What the gun say?

“The FBI dropped the ball.”
“The FBI dropped the ball.”
“The FBI dropped the ball.”

What does the gun say?

larger size
the one who dies.

bump stock parody project
Bump stocks give
greater skill,
make it effortless to kill.

The children were
so much alive
but a tiny time ago,
now on the floor.
where there is blood
they are drowning in the
flo – oo – oo – oo – od.
flo – oo – oo – oo – od.
flo – oo – oo – oo – od.
How do we stop the flow of
blo – oo – oo – oo – od.
blo – oo – oo – oo – od.
blo – oo – oo – oo – od.

What does the gun say?

We will not be gaslighted
into thinking that we are responsible
for tragedies that we have
nothing to do with.

What the gun say?

The failure of school security,
the failure of family,
the failure of America’s mental health system,
the failure of the FBI.

What the gun say?

Gun control
wouldn’t have prevented
what happened!
Their goal is to eliminate
the second amendment.

What the gun say?

To stop a bad guy with a gun
it takes a good gun with a gun.
Schools must be
the most hardened targets
in this country!

What does the gun say?

While you hoard your guns
and store your armament,
in case you must protect
against your rights impinged,
what greater tyranny
could there be to battle
than murders of children?

Monsters have less pow’r
when they don’t have a gun.
Why is it so easy
to get their hands on one?
Who made it this way?
I want to know.
I want to know.
I want to know.

We have other parody videos on this same subject including the “Hallelujah Parody,” as well as a non-parody commemorative for the children who died at Parkland titled “In Memoria.”

6 Responses

  1. Celia

    Brilliant. I’m a musician also, reawakened activist, and lover of language. Music and humor can reach people the way lectures can not. Thank you!

  2. Phill

    This one makes me so angry why? The snippets from the NRA they must be crazy people to continue to say it’s not guns. They keep saying it’s not the NRA that caused the murders maybe right but gun control works and it has to be given a go.

  3. ruth b

    I remember the horror of Columbine because shortly after, bomb threats, death threats became common at the school. One on the day of graduation which had to be brought inside ,with bomb sniffing dogs, barriers, metal detectors, a beautiful outdoor graduation cancelled. Those rifle coats were everywhere, sort of in the Goth years, where all the kids looked like killers. Including the classmate upstairs from us. And we lived on the East Coast. Still horrifing after all these years.

  4. Karen Lundgren

    Dear Mr. Caron,

    You talent is obvious, your insight is appreciated – the combination of the two is powerful. We once had songs that carried a cause, supported action and became the sound of a generation that would not tolerate injustice. I share your songs, their messages – in hope, that through humor, or chilling truths, injustice will not be tolerated and someone will become a musical voice to gather the passion and carry the message.

    Begging for a musically collective voice to reach the ears of those motivated by a less respectful audience….


    Karen Lundgren

  5. Mary Rose

    Outstanding. You’re so talented. Keep them coming. You’re a bright spot in a dark time.

  6. Jerina Page

    Great, as usual. The link in the email takes me to the previous song, not the current song…not a real problem, considering everything going on…but thought yo might want to know. Keep it up. Your parodies are perfect and heart rending…