In celebration of Parody Project’s first full year of operation, here’s a sequel to our very first post, Confounds the Science. Just for purposes of clarity, the sequel is called “Sequel to Confounds the Science.” No confusion there!



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We know darkness will descend
Precisely as the signs portend
When all but three percent of scientists say
we should have taken action yesterday
a collision of corporate greed against the earth
our social dearth
and it confounds the science.

There’s air pollution overload
from life in fossil fuel mode
And while solutions are within our sight
We’re doing nothing to avoid the plight
A catastrophe like we’ve never seen before
stands at the door
and it confounds the science

Extermination of the bee
where once ten thousand now there’s three
they’re disappearing at a rapid clip
“I don’t use honey,” all the morons quip 
We should remind ourselves that without bees there’s no food
and we’ll be screwed
and it confounds the science

Our cancer rates are through the roof
as to the cause there’s never proof
the chemicals that we spray on our food
and other toxins that we’ve gladly chewed
the consequences of our choices we minimize
yet supersize
and we confound the science

And the people bowed and prayed
to the money god they made
While the earth is flashing its warning
about disaster that we are forming
We argue back and forth over meaningless issues that we fabricate
til it’s too late
and even then it confounds the science.


This video is being posted on August 16th, 2018, exactly a year since the first video was posted to the Parody Project Channel . . . and the first video was Confounds the Science (Parody of Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel) which is still the most popular video we’ve done, with the Twelve Days of Trump’s Mess running a close second.

So I thought it would be fun and appropriate to post a sequel to Confounds the Science today, on the first anniversary of Parody Project. Maybe it’ll be an annual event, since there seems to be plenty of material that “confounds the science,” and that probably won’t change.

If you’re not familiar with the version we posted a year ago, you can watch it here:

[quads id=3]


5 Responses

  1. Katherine Lake

    You are a brilliant lyricist, Don. I love your Simon and Garfunkle parodies because you are so like them. Your close harmonies resonate just like those of S & G. I love your work and share it with everybody!

  2. Liz

    You brought back the first time I heard S&G in the 60s, while keeping me sane now that this country has gone odd. Not the majority but still.

  3. Harriet

    Love love love! Now to figure out how to share without alienating.

    Who are the singers, they are great and they’ve got the mannerisms so perfect. Thank you

  4. Sean J Guard

    Are you available for shows in Vancouver, Washington?