MIDTERM VIBRATIONS – Parody of Good Vibrations

Here’s a summary, of sorts, of the 2018 Midterms – as it fits into a parody of the Brian Wilson / Beach Boys’ most famous tune, “Good Vibrations.


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Alexandria Ocaasio Cortez Parody Project LYRICS to MIDTERM VIBRATIONS

It Is the only voice we’ve got
But some Southerners devised an evil plot
They gerrymandered an easy win
Then they purged the voter rolls of not white men
Blocked voter participation
minority vote negation
no ballots for native nations
not without some litigation
polling station elimination
of minority vote locations
long lines at the voting stations
early voting eradication

Their plan failed.
We took back the House
with minorities mistaken for the spouse
Hopeful things will now be rearranged
withe the focus on the people for a change

We’re getting some good vibrations
We’re seeing a new generation
They’re working on legislation
for people not corporations
And ending to a big frustration
Providing us with inspiration
to realize a transformation
We’re gettin some good vibrations


“Good Vibrations”

Released October 10, 1966
Recorded February 17 – September 21, 1966
Brian Wilson Mike Love

Beach-Boys Parody Project“Good Vibrations” is a song composed by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Mike Love for the American rock band the Beach Boys, of which both were members. The single was an immediate critical and commercial hit, topping record charts in several countries including the US and UK. Characterized by its complex soundscapes, episodic structure and subversions of pop music formula, it was the costliest single ever recorded at the time of its release. “Good Vibrations” later became widely acclaimed as one of the finest and most important works of the rock era.

Also produced by Wilson, the title derived from his fascination with cosmic vibrations, as his mother would tell him as a child that dogs sometimes bark at people in response to their “bad vibrations”. He used the concept to suggest extrasensory perception, while Love’s lyrics were inspired by the nascent Flower Power movement. It was written as it was recorded and in a similar fashion to other compositions from Wilson’s Smile period.

The making of “Good Vibrations” was unprecedented for any kind of recording. Over 90 hours of tape was consumed in the sessions, with the total cost of production estimated to be in the tens of thousands. Building upon his approach for Pet Sounds, Brian recorded a surplus of short, interchangeable musical fragments with his bandmates and a host of session musicians at four different Hollywood studios from February to September 1966. This process was reflected in the song’s several dramatic shifts in key, texture, instrumentation and mood. Band publicist Derek Taylor dubbed the unusual work a “pocket symphony”. It heralded a wave of pop experimentation and the onset of psychedelic and progressive rock, and helped develop the use of the recording studio as an instrument. The track featured previously untried mixes of instruments, including jaw harp and Electro-Theremin.

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8 Responses

  1. Kateri

    Great parody brother! Expresses my hopes for these new Representatives!

  2. Greg Anderson

    Thanks Don, it is always a pleasure to get an email from you, because before I even open it I know I am going to be entertained and smile, the only question is the breadth of smile coming my way, I am always entertained ( thats just a fact that comes with the Carron name ) , thanks so much, an I am sure happy that we will get a look at ‘ pussy Grabber in chiefs, tax returns or lack thereof ‘ & maybe ( say a little prayer ), ch
    ildman may realise , the difference between CEO & Prez , I hope that he loses enough face below the Mason Dixon Line, that he may understand the stain of ignorance he has brought to that office

  3. RAMatthew

    Loved this one, Don. Great Vibrations! Thanks for your tireless work to bring us this far. Can’t wait to see how the new Congress performs. Happy Holidays!

  4. Katherine Lake

    I really love this one! 💕 It helps express the pleasure I’ve felt over the “blue wave” we’ve experienced this month. It just kept getting better. Very disappointed with Georgia’s blatant theft of the governorship, but I still have faith that Tracy hasn’t really given up. I love to see “the boys” singing. Keep up the good work, Don!


    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time passing
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time ago
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    JOBS are export number one
    WHEN will they ever learn?
    WHEN will we ever learn?

    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time passing.
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    LONG time ago.
    WHERE have all the good jobs gone?
    CORPORATIONS ship them every one
    WHEN will they ever learn?
    WHEN will we ever learn?