MAR-A-LAGO-VILLE – Parody of Margaritaville

A parody of the very famous Jimmy Buffett tune, with lyrics provide by The Freedom Toast. This parody is unique because Trump is singing it. The only other video from Parody Project in which trump is singing is the “Sad World Parody. If you’re curious you can view it here:


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by The Freedom Toast

Nibbling on Big Macs,

Coke in the six-packs,
Making decisions that I will rescind.
Growling at fake news,

singing the Schiff-Blues,
and otherwise farting into the wind.

Wasting away again in Mar-a-Lago-Ville
Searching for some woman I can assault
Some people claim I really should be ashamed
but I know there’s no way it’s my fault.

I’ve had no affection

since the election
but maybe that tall girl can bring me to life.
She looks like a beauty
a Slovenian cutie.
Oh wait, I just realized that’s only my wife.

Wasting away again in Mar-a-Lago-Ville
Searching for Barack policies I can halt
That was my aim clearly Obama’s to blame,
’cause I know, nothing’s ever my fault.

I gave a firm order 
to seal up the border.
Gotta stop letting all those Mexicans through.
So what if the crops rot,
I can still do the foxtrot.
I’m not really sure if that is even true.

Wasting away again in Mar-a-Lago-Ville
Searching for those “facts” I can label with “alt”
Some people claim that there is Putin to blame.
I say no, but that don’t mean it’s my fault.

Yes and, some people claim Vladimir Putin’s to blame
but I know nothing’s ever my fault.


“Margaritaville” is a 1977 song by American popular music singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett from the album “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.”

This song was written about a drink Buffett discovered at Lung’s Cocina del Sur restaurant on Anderson Lane in Austin, Texas, and the first huge surge of tourists who descended on Key West, Florida around that time. He wrote most of the song that night at a friend’s house in Austin, and finished it while spending time in Key West.

In the United States “Margaritaville” reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and went to number one on the Easy Listening chart, also peaking at #13 on the Hot Country Songs chart. It remains Buffett’s highest charting solo single.

Named for the cocktail “margarita,” with lyrics reflecting a laid-back lifestyle in a tropical climate, “Margaritaville” has come to define Buffett’s music and career.

The name has been used in the title of other Buffett compilation albums such as Meet Me In Margaritaville: The Ultimate Collection and is also the name of several commercial products licensed by Buffett. The song also lent its name to the 2017 musical Escape to Margaritaville, in which it is featured alongside other Buffett songs. Continued popular culture references to and covers of it throughout the years attest to the song’s continuing popularity. The song was mentioned in Blake Shelton’s 2004 single “Some Beach.”

“Margaritaville” has been inducted into the 2016 Grammy Hall of Fame for its cultural and historic significance.

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14 Responses

  1. Mike

    Hey Donald, just found your website.
    Great Job! on those parodies. Love it.
    I listened to your “That’s Amore” = “That’s Amoral Version” and you used a backing track for that
    I was looking for, for years.
    Do you know where you got this?
    Would you be willing to share?

    Thanks for considering.


  2. Keith

    For some time, I had no audio on my computer, so I couldn’t hear anything, much less your excellent parodies. I finally again have audio on my computer, so I can hear both Trump and anything anti-Trump(my preference). I am a HUGE Jimmy Buffett fan, so this one put an extra big smile on my face! Bravo!!

    • admin

      Thanks Janet. Had a good time working on this one. And a shoutout to The Freedom Toast for the lyrics.

  3. Katherine Lake

    Super creepy but fascinating! You have outdone yourself with this one. I was so mesmerized watching it I haven’t been able to pay attention to the lyrics. Thank you Don. I’ll laugh for hours over this parody!

    This is not a duplicate comment!

  4. Katherine Lake

    Super creepy but fascinating! You have outdone yourself with this one. I was so mesmerized watching it I haven’t been able to pay attention to the lyrics. Thank you Don. I’ll laugh for hours over this parody.

  5. Jan Chaffee

    Excellent!!! The only downer is that I had to look at his face. I usually look away or walk away whenever he’s on TV.

  6. David Halle

    Wonderful–I laughed all the way through and as always was so cheered to view the exceptional quality of the resistance to Trump. Looking forward as always to your next masterpiece!

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