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Some of us have been watching expectantly as one charge after another against Punkin’ Face moves through the courts successfully. Will he ever get the type of justice that would be meted out to any average US citizen? Well that remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, he’s entirely “jail-free.” Parody of “Still Crazy After All These Years” by Paul Simon. Parody lyrics written by The Freedom Toast – Vocal Performance and Video by Don Caron
Executive Producers Don Caron and Jerry Pender

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by The Freedom Toast

He saw his old lawyer, who just got deposed
Pretended not to see him, he just smiled
And he thought about the old times, when their very names struck fears
Still jail-free after all these years
He’s still jail-free after all these years

He’s not the kind of man who tends to empathize
Stays out of jail by old familiar ways
And he will not pay his lawyers, though they claim he’s in arrears
Still jail-free after all these years
He’s still jail-free after all these years

Rally next morning
Fox still fawning
They’ll never go away
He’ll never worry
Why should he?
He’s not gonna fade

Now he orders some Big Macs and watches T V
The news says that they might put him away
But instead, he will make payments to a jury of his peers
Still jail-free after all these years
He’s still jail-free
It‘s crazy
Still jail-free after all these years

About the Source Music
“Still Crazy After All These Years” is a song by the American singer-songwriter Paul Simon. It was the third and final single from his fourth studio album of the same name (1975), released on Columbia Records. Though the song briefly reached the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S., it was a bigger hit on the magazine’s Easy Listening chart, where it peaked at number four.

Rolling Stone critic Paul Nelson considered “Still Crazy After All These Years” to be the best song on the album. He praises the “poignancy and openness” of the first verse and Brecker’s passionate sax solo, and the fact that the song demonstrates “the fierceness of [Simon’s] will.” Billboard described the song as “a superb ballad with excellent lyrics and excellent instrumentation.” Cash Box called the song “a moving, tender ballad” with “flawless” production and a “perfectly constructed” melody. Record World said that the style “is warm and reflective in a way that anyone can latch onto.”

Simon has performed the song several times on the late-night comedy series Saturday Night Live. He first performed the song on October 18, 1975 during the show’s first season. Simon performed the song a second time during the show’s second season, airing just before Thanksgiving in 1976; Simon comically wore a turkey costume and stopped halfway through the track to complain about the outfit to Lorne Michaels. Simon’s most recent performance of the song was for the show’s Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special in 2015.

In 1979 Paul Simon suggested to Karen Carpenter that she should include a version of the song on her solo album, then in preparation which was also being produced by Phil Ramone. She had Simon change the words ‘crapped out’ to ‘crashed out’. This recording was released in 1996.

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5 Responses

  1. Jan Woordenaar Bontje

    Great song!
    Hope trumpyboy will not become president again…

  2. Jim Sanfilippo

    Nice. I wonder if you guys have to pay a fee for these parodies. I have been “playing” with some satire and.musical parody. I have a lousy singing voice though, so it’s pretty much just lyrics and accompanying images/video. Any suggestions, thoughts, etc would be appreciated. I will leave the URL below.

  3. Joan Cairns

    Bribing a jury? You’d better be careful you don’t become a target with words like that. Some
    thing about that song makes the words seem more serious. Well done as always. It’s amazing what you can do with your voice.

  4. Katherine Lake

    I especially like your Paul Simon parodies. You and Freedom Toast are certainly a winning combination.