MAKING AMERICA GREAT (We Lie) – Don Caron & Marcus Bales

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Lyrics by Marcus Bales. Music composed and performed by Don Caron – A tongue in cheek original by Caron & Bales all about how the MAGA movement is lying under the guise of making America great.
Executive Producers Don Caron and Jerry Pender

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By Marcus Bales

Making America Great

Truth isn’t truth, so our lies are all true.
Lying’s so useful it’s now all we do.
We’re lying to them while we’re lying to you,
We lie if you’re gay or you’re straight.
We lie before nine, and we lie after noon,
We lie in between since it’s never too soon.
We lie from July all year round right through June,
We’re making America great.

We lie to our lawyers, we lie to the press.
We lie very bluntly, we lie with finesse.
We lie to make failure appear like success.
Deception’s our dominant trait.
We lie to the whites and we lie to the blacks;
We lie first to make and then cover our tracks
We lie that our lies are alternative facts.
We’re making America great.

We lie, we lie
It’s our destiny and our fate
We lie, we lie
‘Cause we’re making America great.

We lie for aggression, we lie for detente.
We lie when we need to, we lie when we want.
And sometimes we lie as a fact-checker’s taunt.
We’ll lie a new lie while you wait.
We lie as a tactic, we lie just for fun;
We lie out in groups, and we lie one-on-one;
We lie when we start out, we lie when we’re done.
We’re making America great.

We lie that whatever was in now is out;
We lie to transmute what was truth into doubt;
We’re lying about what we’re lying about.
We lie as we’re spreading our hate.
We say that nineteens have been turned into twelves,
That things on the floor are now things on the shelves,
We gaslight you so that you’ll lie to yourselves.
We’re making America great.

We lie, we lie
It’s our destiny and our fate
We lie, we lie
‘Cause we’re making America great.

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