MARK MEADOWS (Moon Shadow) Lyrics by The Freedom Toast

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A parody of the song, Moon Shadow, written by Cat Stevens.” Parody Lyrics written by The Freedom Toast. Parody performed by Don Caron
Executive Producers Don Caron and Jerry Pender


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LYRICS for Mark Meadows
by The Freedom Toast

I’m gettin’ worried about Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows
No testimony from Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows

And if he were to testify
What he would tell, I would deny
I’ll yell, “not true!” and pout and cry
Al day-ay-ay-ayyy, day-ay-ay,
He won’t be my friend no more

And if he says that I was bad
I’ll say he lies, and call him sad,
If he should sing, I will get mad
Al day-ay-ay-ayyy, day-ay-ay,
I won’t say his name no more

Yes, I’m a bit bothered by Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows
Leaping and hopping over Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows

And if I ever lose my cool,
And start to scream, and rant and drool
And docs declare that I’m a fool,
Well, hey-ey-ey-eyyyy, hey-ey-ey
They can’t lock me up no more

If Mark told me he’d stop the steal,
I don’t recall. He should not squeal.
If things we said, the tapes reveal,
Well, hey-ey-ey-eyyyy, hey-ey-ey
We just don’t recall no more.

If he should implicate me
I will put up a fight
Yes, if he should implicate me
My lawyer will set him right……

That will take care of Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows.
Lots of gag orders for Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows, Mark Meadows


“Moonshadow” is a song written and performed by Cat Stevens (known since 1978 as Yusuf Islam), first released as a single in the UK in 1970 on the Island label and in the US in 1971 on the A&M label. It also appears on Cat Stevens’ 1971 album Teaser and the Firecat.

Cat Stevens considers this his favorite of his old songs. When Yusuf appeared on The Chris Isaak Hour in 2009, he said of this song:

“I was on a holiday in Spain. I was a kid from the West End [of London] – bright lights, et cetera. I never got to see the moon on its own in the dark, there were always streetlamps. So there I was on the edge of the water on a beautiful night with the moon glowing, and suddenly I looked down and saw my shadow. I thought that was so cool, I’d never seen it before.”

An animated short featuring the song was part of the Fantastic Animation Festival feature film released in 1977. The animation begins with a still frame of Teaser and his pet Firecat, pictured as they appear on the cover of the album bearing their names. The picture comes to life, and in the course of the animation, they find the fallen Moon, ride on it as it flies, and find a way to replace it in the sky. The beginning and ending story portions were written by Cat Stevens and narrated by Spike Milligan. The video also appears as a special feature on the Majikat Concert DVD.

In May 2012 Moonshadow, a new musical by Yusuf, featuring music from throughout his career, opened at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Australia. The show received mixed reviews and closed four weeks early.

The song appears as “Moon Shadow” on both the UK and US labels of the single release.

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