ANTHEM for the INSURRECTION | Parody of Lilly the Pink

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A parody of the song, Lilly the Pink, as made famous by The Irish Rovers.” Parody Lyrics and performance by Don Caron.
Executive Producers Don Caron and Jerry Pender


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We’ll drink a drink a drink
While watching it sink a sink a sink
The downfall of the USA
A cause demented Orange One invented
The Big Lie of the election day

So here’s the story and it’s a bit gory
Certainly tragic and quite sad
About a big loser election abuser
whose loss caused him to go quite mad

An insurrection gave him an erection
He watched it and not a word did say
It gave him pleasure and joy beyond measure
to see his bidding done that day

We’ll sink, we’ll sink. we’ll sink
Before you can blink a blink a blink
The downfall of the USA
Big Lie augmented, by Orange invented
and each and everyone it will betray

Some Congress people, the Big Lie Sheeple
to defend and protect they swore
the constitution clearly states they
can run for office nevermore

Pete Navarro simply bizarro
elections are just a football play
He planned and plotted his i’s were dotted
for his obsession with Green Bay

We’ll sink, we’ll sink. we’ll sink
Before you can blink a blink a blink
The downfall of the USA
Big Lie augmented, by Orange invented
and each and everyone it will betray

Professor Eastman known for underachievement
said Pence could pick the
new president
He quibbled and squabbled
no case could he cobble
And now for prison he’s hellbent

Then there’s Bannon, a loose cannon
Executive privilege he doth claim
except his drivel’s not executival
so his defense goes down in flames

We’ll sink, we’ll sink. we’ll sink
Before you can blink a blink a blink
The downfall of the USA
Big Lie augmented, by Orange invented
and each and everyone it will betray

Mo Brooks was chested with Kevlar vested
as he shouted from the stage
The big lie choosing and then refusing
with the commission to engage

Now famous Meadows has some ahead woes
He can’t decide which side he’s on
It’s the conundrum of a Big Lie humdrum
His credibility long gone

One day the Orange will
forever exit
and where he’ll go’s an unknown thing
But we hope the Big Lie goes with him
Hark the Herald Angels sing.

We’ll drink a drink a drink
So we can think, we think, we think
of how to save the USA
order endorsing
and law enforcing

Lilly the Pink

“Lily the Pink” is a 1968 song released by the UK comedy group The Scaffold, which reached No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart. It is a modernization of an older folk song titled “The Ballad of Lydia Pinkham”. The lyrics celebrate the “medicinal compound” invented by Lily the Pink, and humorously chronicle the “efficacious” cures it has brought about, such as inducing morbid obesity to cure a weak appetite, or bringing about a sex change as a remedy for freckles.

The Scaffold’s record, released in November 1968, became No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart for the four weeks encompassing the Christmas holidays that year. Backing vocalists on the recording included Graham Nash (of The Hollies), Elton John (then Reg Dwight), and Tim Rice; while Jack Bruce (of Cream) played the bass guitar.

In North America The Irish Rovers released the song a few months after The Scaffold’s version. It reached #38 in Canada and #113 in the U.S. in early 1969. The release became a second-favorite behind “The Unicorn”.

The song has since been adopted by the folk community. It has been performed live by the Brobdingnagian Bards and other Celtic-style folk and folk artists.

In 1968, an Italian version (“La sbornia”, the bender) was made by the band I Gufi, describing the effects of drinking alcohol on several humorous, fictional characters.

In 1969, in Catalonia, the musical and humoristic group La Trinca [ca] released a Catalan version entitled “La Trinca”.

In 1969, a Danish version (“Lille Fru Flink”, “Little Mrs Friendly”) was recorded by Grethe Sønck. It’s a song about having a drink and feeling good amongst friends.

In 1952, Johnny Standley recorded “Grandma’s Lye Soap”, a song about soap with similarly bizarre ways of curing maladies.

The lyrics include a number of in-jokes. For example, the line “Mr Frears had sticky out ears” refers to film director Stephen Frears, who had worked with The Scaffold early in their career; while the line “Jennifer Eccles had terrible freckles” refers to the song “Jennifer Eccles” by The Hollies, the band Graham Nash was about to leave.

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3 Responses

  1. Janet

    Mr. Caron, I love your multiplicity of characters! When the picture before the video starts is of your singing “group”, I know something good is about to happen. And I appreciate your snide and desperate viewpoint on what’s going on. I have nothing to contribute to the situation except a vote and the occasional few dollars for wonderful people like Val Demings and Stacy Abrams and the wonderful, inimitable Katy Porter. Oh, yes – and Beto – I recognize that there are other wonderful men in the world besides you! And I appreciate the Parody Project’s outlet for my own despairing love of my country.

  2. Kath Lake

    What a joy to see the guys back together! Great lyrics and wonderful harmony as usual. Don, yours is the one Patreon membership I’ll never give up.