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The Freedom Toast and Cinebot Video have provided this parody of Walk Like an Egyptian titled Walk Like a Drunk Russian. Sort of a commentary on the sad reality of the Russian population being forced to fight a war that benefits them in no way whatsoever. Kind of like the US did several times in the past to American citizens. Except in this case they’re coping by drinking a lot of vodka. Executive Producers Don Caron & Jerry Pender

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by The Freedom Toast

Build up a big force, grab some land located on your most western flank
Tell them it’s your right, (Oh Way-O) backed up by guns and a Russian tank
Claim the U S A will not care, because they will never lose a man
Say they’re talking talk, (Oh-Way-O) but walking like a Republican

All the conscripts driving tanks say, “Hey, no, hey no,
please don’t make us go!”
Walk like a drunk Russian

Threaten the Ukraine with a bomb that’s dangerous and atomical
Do it though the cost (Oh Way-O) is higher than astronomical.
You keep your gas for yourself although it is messing up your plan
You’re not walking tall (No Way-O), you’re walking like a Republican

All the cannon fodder boys say, “Hey, no, hey no, please don’t make us go!”
Walk like a drunk Russian

Putin tries to grab four new regions though he is spread out kind of thin
Time to find that towel (Oh Way-O) that he will be shortly throwing in

All Russians know what comes when the people cry Re-vo-lu-ti-an
In the U S A (Oh Way-O) they’re yelling, “no more Republican!”
Down in Texas they tried to serve their very own ‘ttorney General
He said “time to go!” (Go, Ken go!), then ran like he’s fleeing the corral

All the Fox News Russian fans yell, “Hey, oh, Hey, it’s all a mistake, oh!”
Run like a drunk Russian
Run like a drunk Russian


“Walk Like an Egyptian” is a song recorded by the American band the Bangles. It was released in 1986 as the third single from the album Different Light. It was the band’s first number-one single, being certified gold by the RIAA, and became Billboard’s number-one song of 1987.

Liam Sternberg said he was inspired to create the song while on a ferry crossing the English Channel. When the vessel hit choppy water, passengers stepped carefully and moved their arms awkwardly while struggling to maintain their balance, and that reminded Sternberg of the depiction of human figures in ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. He wrote the words “Walk like an Egyptian” in a notebook. Later, Sternberg looked back in the notebook, and composing the melody with a guitar, he put together an up-tempo song with lyrics about Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Nile River, crocodiles, desert sand, bazaars and hookah pipes and then segued into modern scenes of blond waitresses, school kids and police officers.

Sternberg finished a demo version by January 1984 with singer Marti Jones. He offered it to Toni Basil, who turned it down. Lene Lovich recorded the first version of the song, but it went unreleased when she decided to take a break from music to raise her family. David Kahne from Peer Southern Publishing was the producer of Different Light; he received a copy of the demo and liked it, especially Jones’s “offhand quality”.

Kahne took the song to the Bangles, who agreed to record it. He had each member of the group sing the lyrics to determine who would sing each verse; Vicki Peterson, Michael Steele, and Susanna Hoffs sang lead vocals in the final version on the first, second, and third verses, respectively. Kahne disliked Debbi Peterson’s leads, so she was relegated to backing vocals, which angered her and caused tension within the group. The situation was exacerbated by the use of a drum machine in place of her drumming, further diminishing her role in the song. She can be seen playing the tambourine during their 1986 performance on The Old Grey Whistle Test. The whistling in the song was played by a machine.

The music video for “Walk Like an Egyptian” was nominated for Best Group Video at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards.

In a popular scene from the video, Hoffs was filmed in a close-up where her eyes moved from side to side, looking left and right. When asked about the scene in an interview, Hoffs explained that she was looking at individual audience members during the video shoot, which took place with a live audience. Looking directly at individual audience members was a technique she used to overcome stage fright, and she was unaware that the camera had a close-up on her while she was employing this technique, switching between one audience member on her left and one on her right.

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2 Responses

  1. fred schueler

    Walking like an Egyptian after the 2019 Alberta election:

    All the old oil pumps on the plains
    They do the sand dance don’t you know
    If they move too quick (oily ooze)
    They’re falling down like a domino
    All the patch men by the Bow
    They got the money on a bet
    Gold prospectuses (oily ooze)
    They snap their teeth on your investment
    Foreign types with the pipelines say
    Aye oily ooze, aye oily ooze
    Vote like an Albertan

    Con-servatives with hate-filled ways
    They spin around and they cross the floor
    They’ve got the moves (oily ooze)
    You lose your job and they job you more
    All the school kids so sick of books
    They like the punk and the metal band
    When the buzzer rings (oily ooze)
    They’re voting like an Albertan

    All the kids in the marketplace say
    Aye oily ooze, aye oily ooze
    Vote like an Albertan

    Turn your back back on the cooling stacks,
    Shift your goal then you pull it back
    Life is hard you know (oily ooze)
    So strike a pose on a pickup truck
    If you want to find all the guys
    They’re hanging out in the Timmy shop
    They groan and wince (oily ooze)

    Spin the emissions down the block
    Tidewater pipelines now & then
    The party boys call Kennie in
    And the Chinese need (oily ooze)
    They walk the line like Fort McEm
    All the guys in the donut shop say
    Aye oily ooze, aye oily ooze
    Vote like an Albertan
    Vote like an Albertan