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There’s never been an election quite like this one and the outcome will probably be decided more by HOW MANY people vote than by any other single factor. Statistically when voters don’t show up the Republicans have an advantage because large voter turnout is the only way to overwhelm their cheatin’ ways (gerrymandering, weird voter laws, moving or closing polling booths, purging voter rolls, changing ID laws to exclude minorities, etc. Those are just a few of their tactics. So VOTE!


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Ein zwei drei vier 
Our condition is severe.
Ein zwei drei vier 
But the day is almost here to . . .

Vote! Vote!
Vote unless you want more crybabies on the Supreme Court.
Vote! Vote!
Vote to grab him by his little term and then chop it off short.

It’s gonna be tough on poor billionaires,

cutting their tax breaks to save medicare.
Let’s try to locate some semblance of truth and
stage a revolt inside the voting booth.

Vote! Vote!

Vote them all out.
Make this revolt come about.
Vote! Vote! 

Vote, ‘cause everything hinges on voter turnout

Vote! Vote!

Vote while there is still time to make changes and salvage the earth.
Vote! Vote!
Vote for once that is gone there is nothing that has any worth.

Species extinction and lying galore,

Deregulations and revolving doors.
We’re on a path that is beyond insane
but there’s a way to begin once again:

Vote! Vote! 

Change won’t come without it. 

Leave no question or doubt and
Vote! Vote!
Vote ‘cause everything hinges on voter turnout.

Let’s vote!

Vote! Vote! 

Vote to invest resources in people not in endless war.
Vote! Vote! Vote!
That is what we thoughtfully created voting booths for.

Money in politics has got to change.

Puppeteers pulling the strings they arrange
Corporations are people they say,
so why aren’t they all in prison today?

Vote! Vote!

Let’s go all out.
Make sure there is no doubt.
Vote! Vote! Vote,
‘cause everything hinges on voter turnout.

Let’s vote!


“The Drinking Song” or “Drink, Drink, Drink” is an exuberant song composed by Sigmund Romberg with lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly. It is the most widely known number from the 1924 operetta, The Student Prince.

The recording of The Drinking Song was a success for tenor Mario Lanza, who recorded it for the 1954 movie, though the part was played on screen by another actor, due to a contract dispute.


6 Responses

  1. Kateri

    YES! Let’s all vote. Great song brother! You do it so well! And I love Ginger and Fred dancing up a storm!


    Bravo ! You’re working for a better world, it’s uneasy, but great ! Sarah, a frenchwoman in France.

  3. Pat Kelly

    Great rendition of the “drinking song” Don. I was talking to a teacher that I had worked with the other day, she is now doing her masters degree. She told me she was not going to vote, my response was then “you are part of the “effing problem”! If you want the present party out then you have to vote for the opposition, not because you like them, or agree with all of their comments, but purely to get rid of the present lot of geriatric hangers on. I can see good & bad in both sides, but you have to remember no man/woman can be all things to all people. This childish and insulting name calling by a so called president is reminiscent of elementary school children – pathetic!

  4. lcotler

    Vote?! For whom?

    Get real. Voting isn’t going to do it. Not anymore. We’ve lost. Alles ist verloren. Capitalism and the Deep State that runs it globally has killed democracy.

    Revolt is good. But you can’t do it in the voting booth.

    Sorry. You guys are behind the curve.