The MAGA Song – Make Attorneys Get Attorneys

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The phrase has been floating around for the last few weeks. I heard through the grapevine that it first showed up in the New York Times and I heard it used for the first time on The Meidas Touch Youtube Channel – It’s a phrase that was begging to become a song lyric, so I obliged. Created by Don Caron | Executive Producers Don Caron and Jerry Pender

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by Don Caron

Make Attorneys Get Attorneys, MAGA
That’s what it stands for, watch how they depose
Will the lawyers that the lawyers got
need lawyers so they don’t get caught?
That’s how MAGA goes

His attorneys jumping ship, that’s MAGA
They’re hoping that they didn’t leave too late
One rats on the other in a desperate try to cover up
association with the orange ingrate

While those who tried to overturn elections
including Giuliani, Eastman and Ms. Bobb
they’re hiring lawyers left and right
but mostly right oh what a sight
And that’s the MAGA mob

To date he’s been accountable for nothing
But that coup could turn into a costly move
and those top secret documents
he spread across the continents
That’s not so hard to prove

Former White House lawyers make predictions
that jail time is a likely consequence
Tacopina’s still onboard
For juries that’s a sour chord
The dude lacks cognizance

The Orange One’s mouth is filled with a silver spoon, his birthright
it’s the only reason he’s is not yet in jail
If he keeps it up with E. Jean Carroll
that’ll put his funds in peril
Nothing left for bail!

Make Attorneys Get Attorneys MAGA
That’s what it stands for, but who pays the bill?
layers of lawyers won’t resolve
the issues that they need to solve
as MAGA flows downhill

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