The Normalization Song – Don Caron

We all know that Abraham Lincoln is associated with the origins of the Republican Party but the fact that current-day Republicans want to call themselves “The Party of Lincoln” is an absurdity that needs to be addressed, as they don’t believe in anything Lincoln represented and they pursue legislation that is directly opposed to Lincolns endeavors and policies. So why do they want to be associated with Lincoln when none of their policies are in line with his? Couldn’t say.

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Don Caron

Today I heard some Magas say
Republicans are quite okay
They claim to be the party of Abe Lincoln
Sayin’ Democrats back in the day
were the ones who made the KKK
I wonder what these people have been drinking

It’s new for them to talk that way
We know who led them all astray
He normalizes things that are abnormal
He’s “A Star” so he can do
whatever he want and when he’s through
He’ll simply tell you all that it’s quite normal

He bragged about sexual assault
They cheered him on it’s not his fault
They claim he’s free of guilt and just a victim
They’ll hold position on that stance
that dangerous, deadly game of chance
They’ll cling forever to that hopeless dictum

Republicans are clinging to
a guy who tried to stage a coup
and says the constitution should be tossed
Wants to throw out the results
Attacking with his gross insults
Unable to accept the fact he lost.

They’re willing to toss democracy
for a loser deadbeat wannabe
clinging to a losing proposition
constitutional protections
can’t protect the insurrections
or the ones engaging in sedition

May ninth, two-thousand twenty-three
will sure go down in history
the first time that a president was liable
for sex abuse and defamation
ugly scar upon the nation
apparently defended by their bible

handcuffed by the simple math.
25% show on the graph
comprising those who think he was defrauded
A republican majority
is just too blind to ever see
he lied to them and then they all applauded

A testament that we’re so free
we can make up reality
and purposefully create a mis-perception
The truth can’t force them to comply
they turn their eyes up to the sky
and say that god approves their self-deception

Today I heard some Magas say
Republicans are quite okay
and claim to be the party of Abe Lincoln
Abe would surely be dismayed
to see the ghastly mess they made
He’d wonder what these people have been drinking

They didn’t used to talk that way
how did they go so far astray
They’ve normalized the things that are abnormal
Now, they’re all “Stars” so they can do
whatever they want and when they’re through
They’ll explain how it is all quite normal

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