PLASTICS and ALISON TEAL – It’s worse than you could ever imagine

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She was born on the floor of a tiny log cabin in the Colorado Mountains. Alison was just 2 months old, when she was taken to Ausangate, one of the highest mountain peaks in Peru. Ever since then, she was home-schooled, wherever her parents’ jobs took them. It is not surprising that 20 years later, Alison Teal – adventurer, surfer, film-maker, and model – is drawing attention to sustainability for people from all over the world.

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Shruthi Sara Jun 6, 2014

For close to 20 years, Teal and her family has lived an off-the-grid existence in Hawaii. Her father, David Blehert (a world-renowned National Geographic adventure photographer) built their self-sustaining Hawaiian home (Hale Kai) powered by a solar electric power system that generates electricity enough for a washing machine, four refrigerator/freezers, power tools, lights, and kitchen appliances.

Alison earned a scholarship to attend, the University of Southern California’s film school.And was honoured by Meryl Streep for being one of the top emerging female artists. Teal has grown up to be an extreme adventurer, sustainable surfer, and film-maker who travels the world popularising the idea of living sustainably. Teal supports green adventure products that help her in her adventures: Sustainable Surf , E-Tech, and Odina Surf. Her swimsuits are all made out of 100% recycled material. Her pink surfboards are made out of sustainable soy material.

She supports the Waste to Waves recycling program that takes everyday packaging from items such as television sets and furniture, and shows the process of the waste becoming a surfboard. Teal currently lives in handmade 100% sustainable Ocean House, in Hawaii spreading the spirit of ‘Aloha’. As a contestant of the very popular Discovery channel reality show, ‘Naked and Afraid’, Alison’s journey to fame and her life story is nothing short of remarkable.

Her short film Rita, chronicles a Himalayan adventure showing how she got her first taste of being inside a school has won international acclaim at numerous film festivals including Telluride.

In an interview, by Anthony Chiaravallo, for Conscience Connection Magazine, Alison was asked what advice she would give to her fans, to fulfill their purpose and lead a eco-conscious lifestyle, and she says:

“Go back to your roots. It doesn’t mean you have to follow in your family’s footsteps or anything, just your roots inside of you. What was your original root that really made you shine? Made you get that excited tingle of passion inside? If you’re living the life you dream of then you’re helping the earth.”