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A parody of Blueberry Hill from The Freedom Toast & Cinebot Video titled Capitol Hill. This one is about Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. Parody lyrics were written by The Freedom Toast – Video created by Cinebot Video

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Mitch McConnell sings Capitol Hill 2023 (Blueberry Hill)

I get no thrill
On Capitol Hill
On Capitol Hill
Where I am the boss

I’ve passed no bill
On Capitol Hill
I can’t get my will
On Capitol Hill.

Conservatives will push through
What’s bad for our land
And then we’ll shut down the place
So Dems understand

I’ll make Joe ill
On Capitol Hill
Got good laws to kill
On Capitol Hill

I will be magnanimous
And speak forcefully
Give sick people as-pi-rin
If they’re nice to me!

I’ve had my fill
Of Capitol Hill
So let Joe and Jill
Climb Capitol Hill!


The music for “Blueberry Hill” was composed by Vincent Rose and the lyrics by Larry Stock and Al Lewis. It was recorded six times in 1940. Victor Records released the recording by the Sammy Kaye Orchestra with vocals by Tommy Ryan on May 31, 1940. Gene Krupa’s version was issued on OKeh Records on June 3 and singer Mary Small recorded a vocal version on the same label with Nat Brandwynne’s orchestra, released June 20, 1940.

Other 1940 recordings were by: the Glenn Miller Orchestra (The most famous version in the 1940s, Kay Kyser, Russ Morgan, Gene Autry (also in the 1941 film The Singing Hill), Connee Boswell, and Jimmy Dorsey. The largest 1940 hit was by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, which reached #2 on the US charts. Dennis Day performed on radio comedy program The Jack Benny Program (November 10, 1940).

Louis Armstrong’s 1949 recording charted in the Billboard Top 40, reaching number 29. “Blueberry Hill” was an international hit in 1956 for Fats Domino and has become a rock and roll standard. It reached number two for three weeks on the Billboard Top 40 charts, becoming his biggest pop hit, and spent eight non-consecutive weeks at number one on the R&B Best Sellers chart. The version by Fats Domino was also ranked number 82 in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

On the American television show, Happy Days, this was Richie Cunningham’s favorite song.
Joe Edwards’ restaurant Blueberry Hill, on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis, Missouri, where Chuck Berry frequently played, is named after the song.
Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin made a cover performance of the song on December 10, 2010 before an audience of international film and television celebrities, in support of a charity for ill children. Videos of his performance quickly went viral worldwide.

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