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A Parody about the Fraud that the president is pushing by claiming that there’s voter fraud without providing any evidence that can stand up in a court of law. His lawyers claim to have evidence of fraud when they speak in public but when they get into the courtroom suddenly they don’t have evidence anymore. It’s because there are heavy consequences for presenting false evidence in court – there are no consequences to presenting false evidence on the news.
Written and Performed by Don Caron
Executive Producers Sally Headley and Jerry Pender


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The right wing did its peeps maraud
with frail conspiracies of fraud
of zombies from the grave who clawed
their way to vote that day.

More votes than voters was their claim
Vote dumps and fake results they blamed
machines that switched the voted’s name
had caused their loss they say.

So now they’re trapped in lies they weave
They need their voters to believe
their vote will count in Georgia’s race
That is the challenge which they face.

For weeks they’ve blasted us with news
of China, Cuba, and of Hugo
Chavez and a software ruse
that all came into play.

Now they need an about-face
or they will lose in Georgia’s race
They’ve killed the hopes of their own base
by all that they inveigh.

“Why should we vote? The fix is in,” they cry.
“You told us where and when.
“You told us of a great cabal
“There’s no recourse for us, at all.”

Has Karma ever been so clean
So many lessons you could glean
As you watch their lie-machine
fall into disarray.
Republicans are slow to learn
the consequences that they earn
by pushing lies at every turn
to steal the vote away.

They try to switch the narrative
from widespread fraud imperative
to suddenly it’s all okay
to vote Georgia’s election day.

Meanwhile Trump tries to convince
his voting base of his pretense
The courts dismiss it as nonsense
His grift has had its day

His scam needs little to survive,
an enemy will make it thrive.
So enemies he will contrive
when things don’t go his way.

He just threw Kemp under the bus
and Raffensperger’s superfluous!
and he don’t care who takes the fall
He’s all about himself that’s all.

It all sets one a pondering
Where did their minds go wandering
When they stayed silent while
their leader tried to stage a coup

They built a monster from thin air.
Where e’er they go it will be there.
Lack of trust and deep despair
will stick to them like glue.

They might think they can reconstruct.
I’m here to tell them they are &*^%$#
and the orange will very soon be plucked
from Pennsylvania Avenue
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4 Responses

  1. Margaret Dunn

    Good visual that this is a solo act and the Quartet not singing in this pandemic time.


    You are a great relief from the crazy world we are coping; or not; in at this time. Thank you for your great work. I am so fed up with the man who has made America despised again. Hopefully as Covid is taken seriously in the coming year, we will gain respect for the American government again and become good neighbor’s as we were 4 years ago. I have shared some of the songs on my Face book.

  3. Geoff Wood

    Wasted sadly. Trumpaholics would not understand many of the profound words used in the song.

  4. Steven J Wurgler

    How about that! A catchy-super-duper original. Well done sir.