SAD WORLD (Parody of) Mad World

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SAD WORLD (parody of Mad World)

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Donald-Trump Parody Project Sad World

LYRICS to SAD WORLD (Parody of Mad World)

(Written by Don Caron)

I lost my phone today so
I can’t tweet this.
They served me dinner,
but I can’t eat this.

It’s a steak
but it’s got blood inside it
they tried to hide it,
but I’m smart and I knew.

I like this tie
I got it made in China,
very cheap there,
tons of profit to make.

I might prob’ly try to
keep some jobs here,
just not these ones
and I’m not eating this steak.

I don’t think that it’s funny
but I do think that its sad.
Why can’t they cook my steak
just like the way I always had.
I like expensive meat
that’s cooked until it’s all dried out.
I cover it with catsup if you haven’t tried that out
then it’s a sad world, sad world.

Believe me I know more than
all the generals.
They’re just generals.
I’m the president.

I’m a smart guy
so I don’t need briefings.
I have sources.
I passed courses in school.

And I think that we should
use our weapons,
teach some lessons
to the North Koreans,

It’s the only language
that they know of
problem fixed if
they all blow up.
And I don’t think it is funny,
but I do think it is sad.
So many people can’t see
I’m the best they ever had;
The greatest at so many things,
so wealthy and so smart
and If I tried to eat this
it would surely make me fart.

Sad world, sad world

Copyright 2017 Parody Project


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(Written by Roland Orzabal)

Roland Orzabal Mad World“Mad World” was written by Tears for Fears band member Roland Orzabal, and the bass player for the group, Curt Smith, sang it on the original release. It was first released as a single and then again in 1983 on the debut album of the band, “The Hurting.” The album also included the B-side of the single release of Mad World, a tune called “Ideas as Opiates.”

Roland Orzabal wrote Mad World on acoustic guitar. After a few false starts with Orzabal on vocals, he suggested Curt Smith have a go at it and all concerned agreed the result was worth releasing. Initially, they had planned to use the song as the B-side for their song “Pale Shelter” but the execs at their record company were convinced that Mad World was most definitely worthy of it’s own single release.

Orzabal describes the inspiration for the song to be from looking down on the city center of Bath from his apartment window about a pizza restaurant. He was also quick to point out that Bath was not actually a “mad” city but “Mad World” mad a better hook line that “Bourgeois World.”

If you’re interested in a rather meaningless bit of inside story trivia, Curt Smith (the bassist and singer) explained his lyrical ad lib that ended up on the final chorus of the album version. It wasn’t until 2010, almost 20 years after the release that Curt Smith got around to explaining it and consequently there was a great deal of speculation, not only about the meaning of the lyric, but also about what the words actually were. According to Smith, the words he sings are “Halargian World.” Up to the point of his clarification the various theories that had been floated were such things as, “enlarging your world,” “raunchy young world,” “illogical world,” and such. Smith explained that “Halarge” was a creation of one of the producers, either Chris Hughes or Ross Cullum and they had coined the term during the recording sessions for the debut album, The Hurt. It referred to an imaginary planet. You probably would have had to have been there. Anyway, while recording the vocal part, Smith inserted it as a joke, and they decided to keep it.

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    You guys are on a roll!! Thank you for all that you are doing. Sad as it is, you are bringing a smile to my face. Love and hugs.

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